10 Amazing Uses for Coffee Grounds You Never Knew Existed!

June 18, 2016

Everyone enjoys a good cup of coffee worldwide. It is a must in the morning no matter whether it is iced or hot. Many people prefer it in a mug, thermos or cup but there are some people who are more interested in the grounds and not the liquid version.10 Amazing Uses for Coffee Grounds You Never Knew Existed!If you make your coffee at home, you probably throw the grounds away not being aware that will change your lifestyle completely. Well, coffee lovers prepare for the ten uses of the coffee grounds and reconsider whether you will throw them again. They are listed below:

1. Cellulite Cream

If you used a cream for cellulite reducing, you may have noticed that the consistency of the cream is based on caffeine. Instead of buying expensive cellulite cream having coffee and the main ingredient, use coffee grounds and olive oil.

This homemade cream will safe you some money and will have the same effect as the market one – a tight area without cellulite.

2. Hair Energizer

Coffee grounds can be used as a hair washing since it supplies the dark hair with energy and the locks have the radiant look everyone desires. All you need to do is scrub the hair with coffee grounds before shampooing and rinse it intensely. It will remove the toxic ingredients and chemicals layered on our hair and make our hair full with gloss and gentle in touch.

3. Under Eye Bag Remover

Beside the fact that coffee can wake you up in the morning, it can also help you reduce the baggy under-eyes just by using the grounds. Combine olive oil with grounds and place the mixture on the bags. Wait until it is dry and rinse it. The results are amazing since your face will be completely awaken.

4. Grill Saver

You made your favorite dish with the grill but now it is time for cleaning. No commercial products are needed, since you need a sponge and coffee grounds to scrub all that gunk. Then, wash the grill with warm water and that is all.

5. Odor Neutralizer

We all have experienced the smell from our refrigerator since there is a combination of food and they all release odor. Place a cup of coffee grounds in your refrigerator and neutralize this smell.

6. Natural Cleaner

You need an efficient cleaner but you do not have money? Do not worry since you already have it in your home. The small grains from the coffee grounds are acting as a detergent so they can clean any, pans, pots or other surfaces in the same way as the market cleaning products do.

7. Fertilizer

You can use the coffee grounds even in your garden since it is very rich in potassium and nitrogen. It can be used as a fertilizer for boosting your plants.

8. Flea Remover

Your dog has fleas? Quickly, massage the dog with moist grounds on the fur. It will clean these insects and the dog will smell amazing. It would not harm your dog since it is all natural.

9. Wasp Repellent

It can can act also work as an offensive product. The problem with wasps can be solved with lighting some of the grounds in a fire-safe jar and wait until it stars creating smoke. This will provide safe sitting in your garden.

10. Garden Safe Keeper

Another garden problems are the slugs, snails and ants but the coffee grounds can help with them. Just place it on the top of the soil and wait. It will immediately avert them form your plants because of the strong smell.


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