10 Dangerous Chinese Products You Should Know

April 25, 2016

Nowadays, various Chinese products have dominated the market. They are able to dominate areas such as toys, electronics, home appliances, to food products. They are very creative, but unfortunately they often apply dangerous creativity.
10 Dangerous Chinese Products You Should Know

They often modify and pack food products in a dangerous manner. This article will highlight 10 Chinese products that can worsen your health:

1.Tilapia Fish
This fish is one of the few most toxic fish. The tilapia fish eat everything that is edible. In China, these fish often feed on a variety of garbage and unfortunately most of the waste are contaminated by hazardous chemicals. 80% of tilapia in the US market are imported from China.
2. Cod Fish
Cod is one of the popular fish in China. These fish usually live in an environment contaminated by industrial waste. Currently, half of cod fish in the United States are imported from China.
3. China Apple Juice
Half of apple juices in America come from China and unfortunately most of the apples in China are contaminated by harmful pesticides. This means each gulp of Chinese apple juice contains harmful chemicals.

4. Processed Mushrooms
Some manufacturers in China to fool consumers by placing organic label on a variety of non-organic products, including mushrooms. In fact, 34% of all mushroom circulating in the US come from China.

5. Chinese Garlic
Most of garlic products imported from China have been sprayed with chemicals and the alarming thing is 1/3 of the garlic on the US market come from China.

6. Chicken
In 2013 the US Department of Agriculture allowed the deployment of Chinese chicken in America. This raised concerns as China had the bird flu epidemic, despite the fact that most Chinese farmers use feed contaminated with harmful chemicals.

7. Plastic Rice
Many manufacturers in China produce rice made of plastic. Of course what they do is dangerous.

8. Mud (Sold as Black Pepper)
Many manufacturers in China to collect mud and sell them as black pepper and sell flour as white pepper.

9. Salt
Most of the Chinese salt products are industrial salt that are not fit for human consumption because the salt can cause disorders of mental and reproductive system.

10. Green Peas
China has a variety of fake peanuts. They cultivate soya beans and peas with green dye and sodium metabisulfite (an artificial preservative). Fake green peas are dangerous and if consumed in the long term can cause cancer.


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