What These 10 Dreams Want to Tell You About

May 6, 2016

Dream has raised many questions throughout human history. At the end of the nineteenth century, Carl Jung, a psychotherapist, said that looking into the dream will increase awareness of the spirit world. However, there is always the science behind everything, including dream.

What These 10 Dreams Want to Tell You AboutA team of researchers of ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratory in Kyoto, Japan, worked on research using brain scans to get visual imagery of dreams. They found that humans see their dream like when they see the real world. To learn about our dreams we should be aware of our daily activities at first.

Is our dream repetition of visual imagery in our real life or even an external message? Is the dream contains a certain sense?

This article will explain the meaning of 10 common dreams in human life:

1. Flying
Flying dreams are often associated with ambition. There is a feeling of optimism after experiencing this kind of dream that we are able to do anything according to our wishes.

2. Waterfall
It usually represents an emotional state, cleaning, and purity of mind. This dream type is a good sign because it is considered as the first step of an introspection process.

3. Teeth
Teeth-related dreams are very common and not all of them symbolize the aging. Pulling teeth symbolizes something that has to be removed, while the dreaming of rotten teeth symbolizes feeling of anxiety. Dreaming of falling teeth may symbolize a hidden lie.

4. Death
It usually represents the end of a process or even the end of ideas. Seeing death in a dream often becomes a serious warning for many people.

5. Pregnant
Dreaming of becoming pregnant symbolizes an upturn in activity. This is usually followed by the emergence of new ideas.

6. Home
Dreaming home depends on the type of home or room envisioned. The houses are always talking about safe feeling. Attic symbolizes the memories that have been buried for a long time, while the basement symbolizes awareness.

7. Money
Dreaming of getting money usually ends up with gratitude. It is always associated with increased self-esteem and even a lifestyle change towards the better.

8. Adultery
Dreaming of getting adultery signifies guilt. You need to ask yourself, “do I want to admit my mistake?”

9. Fire
This dream type has several meanings, all of which depend on the context being experienced. If you’re upset with someone, then a fire can symbolize anger, whereas if you’re involved in a promising project it can symbolize the spirit.

10. Naked
It is usually associated with illicit affair or even loss of respect that will be experienced in the not too distant future.

A dream is a picture of one or more episodes of our daily lives that can sometimes tell us about what will happen. The dream must be addressed properly, in other words we have to make every dream as a milestone to change ourselves into a better one.


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