10 Epic Benefits of Garlic

April 27, 2015

Did you know that garlic can help treat a wide variety of medical conditions? This wonderful flavoring can be used to help treat so many different medical conditions. Load up on the garlic because it has many epic properties.

The Epic Benefits of Garlic

Here is top 10 benefits : 
1. Garlic is part of the onion family, and has been used by all civilizations. It is very high in allicin, which is responsible for the smell. This is what helps with many medical conditions.

2. Garlic has so many nutrients but is low in calories. One ounce of garlic has 1 gram of fiber, and is full of vitamin C, manganese and B6. One ounce only contains 42 calories.

3. Garlic is known to help with the common cold and other ailments. It may help reduce the symptoms of a cold and the flu, or make the illness be treated faster.

4. Garlic can reduce blood pressure. Garlic has been found to be as effective as some blood pressure medication when taken over the course of many weeks.

5. Garlic has been known to reduce cholesterol levels. It will not effect the good cholesterol levels, but has an impact on treating the bad levels.

6. Garlic can help an individual prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s. The antioxidants found in garlic help protect the cells from damage and from aging.

7. Garlic can help an individual live longer. It will help those that suffer from chronic diseases, which in turn will make a person healthier.

8. Garlic may help athletes perform better. Exercise induced fatigue can be reduced with garlic in some individuals.

9. Consuming garlic can help individuals that need to detox from heavy metals. A study has found that garlic has been known to reduce lead toxicity in the body.

10. Bone health can be improved with garlic. In females, garlic can help by increasing estrogen.
Garlic is very easy to include in the diet. Add it to soups and salads, casseroles, side dishes and more for immense flavoring.

Keep in mind that it comes in powder form, pastes, and whole cloves, so it can easily be added to any dish one is making.

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