10 Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit

August 14, 2015

Dragon fruit is a brilliant pink hue in color.  The fruit is similar in taste to a marshmallow kiwi, very sweet in taste with some tang to it.

10 Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit

It is wonderful to eat all by itself but also equally great with grapes and pineapple. Here are some of the wonderful health benefits of Dragon fruit.

1. Cardiovascular health– This fruit contains vitamin B3 which will help to lower the bad cholesterol in our bodies. They will also raise the good levels in our bodies as well.

2. Cancer– Dragon fruit has many antioxidants in it, which help to prevent cancer. The high amounts of vitamin C will also help to block tumor cell growth. This fruit can also help to get rid of heavy metal toxins in the body.

3. Digestion and metabolism– These fruits are packed with fiber, which is great for the digestive tract, and can keep one full for hours. The metabolic rate will increase, which will mean great weight loss.

4. Immune support– Very high in vitamins C, B1, B2, B3, this fruit also contains a lot of calcium, iron, protein and niacin. Getting lots of these minerals and vitamins will help to protect one from getting sick.

5. Eyes– The vitamin A found in dragon fruit will help with the eyes as the retina needs vitamin A for both night vision and color vision.

6. Nervous system– Nerve cell formation is supported as there is a lot of B vitamins in the fruit. Calcium found in dragon fruit will also support the nervous system. The healthy fats found nourish the body.

7. Strong bones and teeth– The calcium and phosphorous will help both the teeth and the bones, as well as repair them.

8. Glowing skin– Mono saturated fats found in dragon fruit will give a gorgeous glow to the skin while making it tighter.

9. Anti-inflammatory– This fruit will help to decrease the irritation of the joints.

10. Anti-aging– The high vitamin and mineral content of this fruit is much better then a jar of skin cream.

Source: www.healthdigezt.com

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