10 Home Ingredients You Can Use to Get Rid of Obesity

April 15, 2016

Obesity is the end result of the accumulation of excessive fat and this symptom is determined by measuring the Body Mass Index (BMI). BMI in the range of 18.5 and 25 is considered ideal and if it exceeds 30 it will be considered obesity.

10 Home Ingredients You Can Use to Get Rid of Obesity

You can use the BMI formula as follows:

  • BMI = (Weight (lbs) / (Height (inches) x Height (inches)) x 703
  • Obesity is usually caused by poor diet, lack of physical activity, genetic factors, and hormonal disorders. Obesity makes it easy for its sufferers to be exposed to several health problems, such as diabetes type 2, cardiovascular disease, and high blood pressure.
  • A healthy lifestyle is the key to resolve obesity and everyone can take advantage of some natural ingredients to reduce the accumulation of excess fat.
  • Here are 10 natural ingredients to combat obesity:
  1. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is able to improve digestion and speed up the detoxification process. You should be aware that a healthy digestion cannot be overlooked in decreasing the weight loss because it allows your body to absorb the nutrients to burn fat. Some nutrients can also help to get rid of toxins that block the metabolism.

Mix three teaspoons of lemon juice, one teaspoon of honey and 1 ½ tsp of black pepper powder and pour the mixture into a glass of water. Drink the potion in the morning before breakfast and do this method for 3 months.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can be useful to reduce the fat content. You can get apple cider vinegar products in a variety of food stores.

Prepare 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and mix with a glass of water. Drink the herb every morning before breakfast. Do not exceed the dose or you will lower your bone density.

  1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is able to stimulate metabolism by mobilizing fat accumulation in the body. It has a natural collagen protein that increases the performance of the body to absorb protein and remove toxins.

2 Prepare the fresh Aloe Vera leaves and mix them with a cup of orange juice. Drink the potion in every morning for 1 month.

  1. Green Tea

Green tea contains epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), a compound that serves to limit the absorption of fat and to increase fat metabolism.

Drink four cups of green tea every day to overcome your obesity.

  1. Cayenne

Cayenne will stimulate the body to burn fat and also can suppress appetite due to nutritional deficiencies.

Make a tea by mixing a pinch of cayenne pepper in a glass of hot water. Drink the tea once a day for 1 month. You can also mix cayenne pepper and some other spices (ginger, mustard seeds, black pepper) into your diet.

  1. Leaves Kari

Curry leaves are highly recommended in Ayurvedic medicine to reduce obesity and overcome diabetes type 2. You should eat 10 curry leaves per day for 4 months. Some studies found that this leaves contain alkaloids called mahanimbine, which can degrade lipids and triglycerides.

  1. Tomato

Consuming some tomatoes each day is recommended. Make sure you involve their skin and seeds because they contain useful fibers. The compounds in tomatoes are able to change the levels of hormones that affect appetite.

  1. Cabbage

Cabbage contains tartaric acid that serves to slow down the conversion of sugars, carbohydrates, and fats. The vegetable also contains photochemical that balances the metabolism of estrogen. An estrogen imbalance will promote diabetes and some types of cancer.

  1. Fennel

Fennel seeds have diuretic properties that can reduce water retention which has effects on weight loss. Mill the seeds so you have fennel powder and mix 2 teaspoons of the powder into a glass of warm water. Drink the mixture before breakfast for 1 month.

  1. Honey and cinnamon

Honey and cinnamon can improve fat metabolism. Cinnamon can also reduce insulin resistance and oxidative stress thereby minimizing the risk of diabetes.

Prepare 1 ½ tsp of ground cinnamon and 1 teaspoon of organic honey. Mix and drink the potion before breakfast and before bed. During taking this herb, you should add your water intake to eight glasses a day to assist in the removal of toxins.


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