10 Ways to Reduce Pore Size

February 22, 2015

10 Ways to Reduce Pore Size

Large pores can be a part of everyone’s life. However there are ways to help reduce them down in size. Woman and men both have issues with blackheads, which are commonly referred to as comedo.Reduce Pore SizeThese openings on the skin cover the pores with a black debris. The black debris is actually oil, dirt and bacteria, and keratin. Sebum is released from the skin but is often times not able to exit the pores.In this case, the bacteria accumlates in the skin and the pores are then blocked, causing blackheads. The following tips will help to not only clear the skin of blackheads, but also reduce pore size.

1. Oil free cleansers- Use oil free cleansers to clean the face. This will help to clean out the pores that have makeup, dirt and oil trapped in them. Rinse the face with cold water as the cold water will help to shrink the pores.

2. Clay masks- Clay masks will shrink pores while stripping away excess oil. Look for masks that contain kaoline clay and bentonite.

3. Egg mask- Mix 2 egg with a few drops of acidic liquid and 4 tablespoons sugar. Apply to the face, let dry for 15 minutes and then rinse off with cold water.

4. Skin toners- Apply skin toners to the skin to eliminate shine and oil. This will help to prevent breakouts and help with clogged pores.

5. Astrignents- Astringents are much like toners, but have an alcohol base to them. They are only recommended for skin that is highly oily and can tolerate the treatment.

6. Skin exfoliation- Apply a skin exfoliator to the skin and gently rub into the skin to help reduce pore size.

7. Vitamin C– Applying vitamin C to the face will help produce collagen and elastin.

8. Steam- Steam the face using hot water and lemon juice. Fill the sink with hot water, and then drape a towel over the face to allow steam to access the face. Dab the face with the lemon juice when done, then rinse the face with cold water. Using the ice cube, go over the face to help shrink the pores.

9. Wash all make up off- Never leave makeup on during the night when sleeping. This will only help to clog the pores.

10. Water- Drink lots and lots of water. The more water an individual drinks the smaller the pores will be. Water will also make toxins in the body be eliminated.


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