10,000 X Stronger to Kill Only Cancer Cell-Power of Ginger

October 31, 2015

It is no doubt that ginger is powerful cure to treat multiple diseases naturally. But did you know how powerful of ginger when it comes to cure cancer cells?

10,000 X Stronger to Kill Only Cancer Cell-Power of Ginger

New research show that ginger has great powerful than turmeric and provide great effects on cancer treatment. Nowadays, ginger is excellent natural cure for cancer meditations, especially to kill cancer. There is some evidence that cancer is ineffective and accelerate to death for cancer patients.

Power of Ginger

Some study by Georgia state-university found that ginger is able and effective to eliminate or reduce size of prostate tumor up to fifty six percent in mice. In additional, it have great effects on cancer and ginger is observed to eliminate inflammation and support the mice with life enhance anti-oxidants.

In other place, PLoS published new study of ginger component and known as 6-shogaol superior to treat cancer meditation conventionally. It is called chemotherapy. It is targeting the root that cause of breast-cancer malignancy, breast-cancer stem cells.

Sometimes, it refer to mother cells. The cancer stem cell is cause of variety of cancer and it is not simple breast-cancer. This mother cell is responsible to create various daughter cell types and makeup tumor colony. The cancer stem cell is only constitute two or one percent of tumor cell makeup.

It seem to be immortal. The cancer stem cells is able to self re-new and capable of continuous differentiation. It is resistant to conventional chemotherapy agent and capable in splitting off and formed new tumor colony.

One way is fully ensure that human body is cancer free to eliminate and destroy cancer stem cell within a tumor. The study found that ginger known as 6-shogaol is very active when its comes to anti cancer stem behavior.

The pungent constituent is produced when its root dry and cooked in common use of ginger. It is something specific 6-shogaol types to make superior chemotherapy treatment.

Some famous researcher found that cancer destroy effect occurred at this concentration and they are non toxic to non cancer cell. It mean that particular ginger component only killed cancer-cell, leave healthy this cell alone and make various conventional cancer treatment. It do not display yet for selective cytotoxicity and it could harm for cancer patient.

When it comes to breast-cancer, 6-shogaol is significant affects the cell cycle and increase cancer-cell death. It programmed cell death by autophagy induction. This is also inhibit breast-cancer spheroids or lump for forming and astounding about 6-shogaol. The study found test of cancer drug taxol and it do not show effectiveness level or destroying cancer stem-cell and tumor 6-shogaol.

Even when it come at concentration of taxol is increased and found 6-shogal were ten thousand more effective to kill cancer stem cell. It can stop tumor from forming and keep healthy and strong cell alive.

More research should be done to show more modern and innovative cancer medicine is not effective as medicine naturally. We didn’t make our body become sick while curing disease that is not enough anymore.

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