12 Amazing Uses and Facts for the Epic Cucumber

May 11, 2015

One of the most tasty vegetables out of the garden is cucumbers. They can be eaten a variety of ways, from salads, to an appetizer to a snack. They are easy to grow in a garden, so they are perfect for growing this summer.

Amazing Uses and Facts for the Epic Cucumber

Here are some wonderful facts for the almighty cucumber:
1. Cucumbers that have not been peeled contain many vitamins and minerals: vitamin C, potassium, manganese, vitamin K, Pantotheic acid, vitamin A, magnesium,and phosphorus. They are low in sodium, as well as saturated fats and cholesterol.

2. Cucumbers are great to eat when tired as they are a decent source of vitamin B and carbohydrates.

3. Cucumbers can help ward off garden pests when they are sliced and placed in tin in the garden. The cucumbers will react with the aluminum in the pie tin, warding off the pest.

4. Rubbing a slice of cucumber over the bathroom mirror will allow one to take a hot shower without the mirror fogging over.

5. Rubbing a slice of cucumber over parts of the body with cellulite will tighten the skin. Cucumbers can also be used on wrinkles.

6. Hangovers and headaches can be treated with cucumbers. Eating a cucumber before bed will allow one to wake up feeling refreshed. This is due to the fact that cucumbers contain electrolytes, as well as sugar and vitamin B.

7. Cucumbers have no calories, so they make the perfect snack when you are hungry for something that is healthy and will fill you up.

8. Need something lubricated but ran out of WD40? Simply rub a cucumber over the area and it will be lubricated.

9. Cucumbers can eliminate bad breath when a slice is pressed against the roof of the mouth with the tongue.

10. Pen, crayons, and markers can be removed by rubbing a outside of a cucumber to the area that has the markings.

11. Stainless steel sinks and faucets can be cleaned using a cucumber on it. The shine will be returned.

12. Stress can be relieved when a whole cucumber is sliced and then placed in a pot with boiling water. The aroma released will be like that of a spa’s.



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