12 Natural Remedies That Treat Rashes, Persistent skin and Eczema

November 1, 2015

There is various skin ailment that cause skin irritation and inflammation under eczema term. Some studies show that more than five percent of children and adult and twenty percent infants were affected by eczema. The number is increasing constantly due the dietary trigger and environment pollution.

12 Natural Remedies That Treat Rashes, Persistent skin and Eczema

Traditionally, eczema is treated with corti costeroid creams. However, this treatment is only for surpress symptom without directly to underlying causes. The chemical creams look like immune modulator and always linked to the cancer.

The main reason to get rid or avoid corti costeroids and immune suppressants are they dodn’t solve this problem and most patient become addicted. When patient stop consumption this eczema will return and the patient can get the worse situation as many people who need the stronger steroids continuously. The strong steroid treatment on this eczema look like time passes and the human body will develop to depend for it.

Many doctor suggest that they didn’t know well what is the cause of eczema and it can be caused by various factors. It can caused by fragnances, laundry detergent, diet, dust, soap, consumer product, environment pollutant and processed foods. The most effective to against and fight this skin condition is by allow human body to heal through dietary strategy assistance and health therapy in natural way. It will work with human immune system in stimulating healing.

Tips to avoid for foods

It is time to stay away from artificial sweetener such as; saccharine, sorbitol, aspartame and sucralose. It is recommended to avoid cane and white sugar, high fructose corn syrup, diet product and chewing gum since all these foods contain poison. Another foods are also contain poisons and overload to human immune system such as; eggplant, pepper, white potato, tomato, paprika and tobacco. In addition, it is advisable to avoid fried foods, smoke food peanut, alcohol, yeast and smoking to reduce and eliminate stress level. In this article, there are some great and effective natural remedies to treat skin inflammation as follows;

 Neem oil. It can kill bacteria and any disease. It is promoting micro-organism on human skin and reduce swelling and redness which cause itching. Neem oil come from neem trees and it is natural anti fungal, anti bacterial, anti histamine, anti microbial, anti viral and anti inflammatory. It contain high fatty acid and vitamin E. It can hydrate skin and restore elasticity naturally. Neem oil contain carotenoids as well as carotene that provide and produce high anti-oxidant compound and it can help skin against and free radical. Once it absorbed, neem oil is powerful property to rejuvenate skin cell and restore its elasticity naturally. Neem oil contain high extra-ordinarily and high level of anti-oxidants that protect and help skin from environment damage.

 Bentonite clay. It can help skin treatment by eliminating toxins, decrease inflammation, increase circulation and absorb excess. It made from tiny platelets with positive and negative charge. As well as clay travel, Bentonite can expand look like sponge and absorb water through human body. It can soak many positive charge. It will show great significant of improvement when it used 2 times in a week. In this treatment, the toxins will rise to the surface and skin condition become worse. It is normal and subside in one or two week depend on severity condition. It is wonderful and great beneficial by mixing bentonite with herb infused vinegar and pure apple cider vinegar.
This treatment can give amazing result.

 Cod liver oil (fermented). It is important to know that there is different way between traditional and modern preparation of cod lover oil. The modern cod liver oil preparation will involve express oil from fatty issue of cod fish when it was cooked. The subsequent could be removed of bio-active component of cod liver oil. The traditional cod liver oil preparation can produce more medicinal oil and nutritious since this process is fermented instead of cooking. Nevertheless, DHA and EPA has anti inflammatory property by contributing and reduction of inflammation tissue. The omega 3 fatty acid will relieve symptom of eczema like inflamed and red skin. This anti inflammatory property especially omega 3 fatty acid is also incorporated with the skin cell. When blood level that contain of omega 3 acid fall, skin will irritated, flaky and dry easily. The omega 3 acid is increase skin cell keratinization and the consequently, any accumulation and destruction of dead skin is occurred.

 Salves and topical cream. The salves and topical cream have great benefit for skin disorder, but it should be contain more hern to relieve, burning, itching and healing promoting. With hamamelis virginiana cream, it can relieve itching and help weeping/oozing eczema by hazel. The great choice is chamomile cream. The licorice or glycyrhia glabra, marigold or calendula officinalis, and chickweed or stellaria media are helpful.

 Burdock root. People can destroy and eliminate inulin, inflammation that linked to eczema by using burdock root. It has great beneficial and contain valuable minerals such as; manganese, zinc, selenium, calcium, iron, phosphorus and magnesium. The burdock root contain vital vitamin such as; pyridoxine, vitamin E, folic acid, vitamin C and riboflavin which crucial for human health. Both vitamin E and vitamin C are powerful and helpful anti oxidants to help human body stave off from infection naturally. People could prepare burdock root tea that easy to drink and make for healthy tea.

 Olive leaf. It well known as anti-septic, anti aging, anti-biotic and anti inflammatory property as well as its ability in stimulating human immune system traditionally. Olive leaf is contained and clean. As great anti-oxidant, olive leaf able to break damaged chain before it result and set in eczema. Olive leaf is excellent and great antiseptic that men olive leaf will help ward off bacteria and infection. In the case of eczema, especially when people tend to scratch, if their skin break then people become susceptible and infection. The olive leaf extract of polyphenols with anti-oxidant. The fresh olive leaf preparation has great antioxidant capacity as green tea and four times higher antioxidant capacity than vitamin C. Moreover, The damaged prevention can caused harmful free radical and ensure foreign substance include toxins and pathogen that trigger inflammatory reaction and never get into blood stream.

 Coconut oil. Many people feel great from coconut oil benefits as well as treatment to heal and cure eczema without any hard medication. People should to buy coconut oil from great source that original, virgin and organic, deodorized, bleached and not refined. It is recommended to consume organic and virgin coconut oil that contain lauric acid with 50 percent fatty acid and great anti viral and anti bacterial property. The miraculous oil contain medium chain of fatty acid or medium chain of triglycerides. The virgin coconut oil provide great fats and nourishment for dry eczema skin. This virgin coconut oil is simple and has little rubbing and touching.

Gamma linolenic acid. It is hard to get fatty acid GLA in diet program, but it will found in balck currant, primrose oil and hemp oil. Actually, human body produce GLA from linoleic acid or LA that found in butter, oil and egg yolk. Gamma linolenic acid dose up to five hundred milligram two times per day for eight week will appear and excellent effect for nails, hair and skin. Nowadays, the genetical is modified safflower oil and promoted as healthy high GLA content.

 Probiotic and fermented foods. Probiotic and fermented food can help in treatment and eczema prevention by providing homeostasis and support to human immune system. It can protect human body from pathogen bacteria infection. Damaged beneficial bacteria and promote  the balance of acidity and alkalinity in intestine. This fermented foods such as; sauerkraut, kefir, tempeh, microalgae, kimchi, miso soup and kombucha contain beneficial bacteria and against infection and illness that caused ny harmful bacteria.

Colloidal oat meal. This colloidal oatmeal is exhibit protective, anti itch, anti inflammatory and anti oxidant that fantastic cleanser, buffer and moisturizer for protect and soothes damaged skin. The property come due to the chemical oat composition like phenols and make strong ultraviolet absorber, As cleansing agent, it contain high concentration of beta glucan and staches to create water holding barrier on cellulose, skin and oat fiber to create skin softening and emollient property. In order to explain about its versatile use of aot, people should ecplain that colloidal oatmeal is represent well. When it combined with liquid, the specific form of oatmeal will look like colloid and molecules will spread ed through bath water medium. They are consistency change of medium permanently. The beauty of this colloidal oatmeal is oatmeal particle didn’t sink to bottom of tub. The oat is finely ground, pulverized which enable to absorb liquid. When this colloidal oat meat is added into bath water, it is milky instantly and slimy to the water consistency. It provide softness, protection and moisture. The FDA or foods and drug administration said that colloidal oatmeal should be in content of product to relieve the itching and irritation of eczema.

 Kelp. It well know as seaweed. It found on the ocean kelp forest and used as medicine and foods in different cultures. This brown algae has therapeutic effects for body and skin cell, great enhance to skin condition. The natural remedy will assist with healing skin cell and help eczema affect skin cell to rebuild and healthier. Especially for medical purpose, kelp can be found in the pill and capsule perform as well as concentrated in liquid product. Kelp is also can be ingested and topical concentration and applied to affected area directly.

 Transderma-magnesium. It is effective remedies to against inflammatory skin condition. The health benefits by patient has been reported who use transderma application of magnesium is related to therapeutic application on their skin and absorption into skin cell directly. However, transderma magnesium is powerful tool to battle and against magnesium deficiency. The holistic health professional always prescribe it as good treatment, but it could be quickly and easily applied at home. People can simple to use transderma magnesium while taking a bath and apply for lotion/gel without need much effort or spray on the skin directly.

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