15 Amazing Uses For Citrus and Banana Peels

November 30, 2015

Many people know that citrus peel and banana are great fruits and useful as fresh and healthy fruits.

15 Amazing Uses For Citrus and Banana Peels

Creating something with banana peels can make some great product, so instead of tossing banana peels and citrus peels away, put two fruits to work and give 2nd life.

There are many thing to do in the kitchen scrape, then here are some suggestion that you can do and start at home:

–  Air-freshener. People can use citrus peels and orange as air refresher. It is simple to make air refresher. People just add citrus peels with cinnamon cloves and stick to simmering water. It is not only can add the beauty and wonderful fragrance of house but also can increase humidifier air indoor as well and create potpourri.

–  Teeth-whitening. If you want to whiten the teeth, then simple rub inside of banana peels and orange over teeth for two minutes and rinse it with water. People can repeat this way on regular basis or people can see some result for other days or few weeks.

–  Skin-whitening. The vitamin C that found in the orange and lemon are great natural skin bleacher. If you want to whiten your skin, then you should lightly rub inside orange peels on the skin, cover up spot and dark blemishes.

–  Wrinkle. It is good to reduce wrinkle on face, forehead and cheek by applying banana peels ron regular basis. Gently, you could rub inside banana peels over forehead and rinse it with warm water.

–  Soothe itchy, irritated skin, bug bite and rashes. In order to soothe itchy skin irritation, bug bite and rashes, you should rub inside of banana peels 2 times in a day on the right place or affected area to promote skin healing and find relieve instantly. Banana peel is one of greatest natural remedy to relieve mosquito bites.

–  Lemon sugar-scrub. You should chop one lemon peel and add half cup of sugar. You also can add some olive oil, jojoba, coconut oil and almond oil to create paste. It is time to wet skin and massage in the shower and mix all together over the skin. Dry and rinse. People also can use coffee ground of sugar to tackle-cellulite. People can find more scrub recipe in order to create own cleansing scrub for soft and smooth skin.

–  Nail-whitener. People should rub nail with juiced lemon in order to whiten nail, rinse with water and dry.

–  Lemon sugar. To give sugar extra flavor, then people should add organic lemon zest and organic citrus zest with three organic lemon, people can create two cup of citrus flavored of sugar. It is recommended to remove or eliminate cop and zest roughly. Pulse one cup of sugar with zest in foods processor until finely ground. People should add remaining toss and sugar to combine, spread with baking sheet/pan and let it for one hour at proper room temperature. Note: it is advisable to use organic zest citrus fruits to get rid pesticide.

–  Cooking.  People can add tangy taste to their food by adding organic grape fruits, orange and lemon zest. Try to scrape outer peel layer for bitter taste. There is no need to use this organic quickly and people can place it in the freeze and dry food plate then use it later.

–  Brown sugar humidity absorption. People can dry orange peel in order to absorb humidity from brown-sugar. Simple place ½ dried peels in the bag.

–  Citrus scented drawer-sachet. People can dry citrus peel and put in the sachet in order to freshen the drawer. People also can add spice like cardamom, clove, nutmeg and cinnamon.

–  Green-cleaning. Clean counter top and dirty sink with citrus peel and it can be used to scrub sink/counter top. Add baking soda or salt to the area and rub with juiced halves from citrus fruits to avoid dirty surface. Lemon can work well and people rinse with plain water after. It is time to be careful on sensitive surface, try applying on small area. People should clean coffee pot and add some lemon, salt to swirl and coffee pot for few minutes and rinse all after. Remove any deposit on the tea-kettle and fill kettle with water and handful lemon peel and take to boil. Let it work for 1 hour and rinse with water after. Lemon cleaner: people should add lemon peel/citrus peel to empty jar and pour with white apple cider vinegar, close lid and let it for two weeks. Strain liquid and dilute with 1:1 ration between dilute and water ration, add the mixture to spray bottle and use it for normal cleaner. Sanitize cutting-board; people should clean cutting board then rub with lemon juice, let it work for one minutes and rinse with warm water.

–  Fertilizer and composting. Orange peel and banana are good material for composting. Banana and orange peel are filled with nutrient to replenish soil and add nitrogen that help plant leave to growth well. It is recommended to not over too much nitrogen in compost because it can cause adverse effect. If you didn’t have compost pile, then it is good to add nutrient and extra nitrogen from orange peel and banana peel to soil by applying orange and banana peel to planting zone directly. Their rot fast when buried in the soil. People also can dry and grind to use it as well as mulch.

–  Pest repellent naturally. People should try banana peel and orange peel first before using chemical laden pesticides. It is advisable to cut peel up-bury in one or two inches deep around plants to repel aphid and ants.

–  Fire lighter. Baking discarded lemon peel with darken color in order to make fragrant fire lighter naturally for fireplace especially at the winter season.

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