15 Etiquette Rules That Everyone Should Know

July 5, 2016

The good manners or etiquette are presented with polite and proper behavior. But, not many people think that the protocol is real.

15 Etiquette Rules That Everyone Should KnowHowever, people with high status in the society follow the principles which involves common courtesy, proper vocabulary and speech, neat and clean appearance and restraining emotions.

The most important 15 etiquette rules which every person should follow are listed and explained down below:

1. When you go out for a walk with your friend or other person, and it greets another person with Hello, you should greet the person too, no matter whether you know the person or not.

2. Never leave the phone or tablet on the table whenever you are out, because it demonstrates that it is more important than the meeting or the gathering. Sometimes it can indicate boredom since all you do is watch your phone. It is very offending when you constantly check your FB account or other applications abd even just looking at it may insult the people you are with.

3. It is commonly accepted that we must eat sushi with chopstick, but that is not true since many man can eat it with their hands as well.

4. Never ask a woman out if you have in mind something else like making calls or text someone the entire night.

5. Always thank people once you get their help because in this way you will show your appreciation. Never take the help for granted since that is not appropriate.

6. Being gentleman is great especially when you should take off the coat of your female partner and leave it in cloakroom. But, you should never carry her purse.

7. Do not spend too much time on the phone talking with someone and making empty conversations. You can spend quality time with your friends while going out and gathering in person and not calling each other.

8. Staring at other people is extremely rude, therefore never gaze fixedly at someone. Another thing which is rude and disturbing is loud speaking and laughing so do not do it.

9. Splashing pedestrians with water is not a part of the driving culture and car drivers must be aware of it.

10. When you are in a concert hall, theater or at the cinema, You should face the people sitting in the line when you want to sit to your seat.

11. When you make a mistake and you apologize and the apology is accepted, then make an effort and do not repeat the same mistake or incident again.

12. Every polite man must show a great respect to any women around them.

13. There are nine things you must keep secret and they are, medical issues, religion, age, family quarrels, gifts, affairs, wealth, disgrace and honor.

14. We all want to look fashionable, but you must follow the trend together with other people since doing it alone may be ridiculous for others.

15. Whenever you enter a room or office greet everyone inside no matter of your age, profession or status.

If you follow this rules you will make the world a better place since that is the aim to all of us. It can be hard and more time is needed to achieve this goal by using the good manners, but do not worry since it all comes with practice and patience is the key to everything. It is a great habit which will improve your personality.

Use this manners since they never go out of style!

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