19 Tricks That Can Make the Life Easier for Every Woman

June 15, 2017

Household chores sometimes can take up a lot of time and be annoying. With a few tricks, you can make your life easier and save up a lot of time and energy and use it for more productive things.

Here are a couple of ways in which you can make everything better and even more interesting.

You can prevent your doors from closing due to draft with 1 rubber band strapped around the door knobs.

Protect your garage walls and your car by putting soft tabs on the usually affected areas.

You can easily remove your children’s drawings on inappropriate places with some KH7 and other degreasing products

If you have a gum situation on your carpet put an ice cube over it and wait for it to freeze or at least become extremely cold and that will make the removing process much easier.

You can restore the shine and glow of your furniture by rubbing it with soap.

Rub your furniture in order to fill in nail holes and make it look more appealing.

When screwing a screw out a rubber on it to prevent it from moving around.

When painting your walls try to prevent the pain from spreading by taping some silicone patches on your walls.

The screws will enter the wood much easier if you soak them in nail polish. Use transparent one.

Spray some machine oil on the hinges of the door to prevent it from squeaking.

Remove lime from the shower head with a mixture of vinegar and hot water. Put this in a plastic bag and tape it over the shower head. Leave it to work and after 1 or 2 applies the lime should disappear.

Put some drops of silicone on the ends of kitchen cabinet doors to prevent further damage.

Talc can also help against squeaking doors and cabinets. Just add some on the hinges.

Use a clean crystal brush to remove pet hairs from the sofa or carpets.

Put some wax painting in order to remove and hide holes in your walls.

A mixture of lemon juice and fabric softener can do wonders for cleaning hardwood floors.

Wipe your TV with a cloth that is soaked in lemon juice in order to prevent static and dust every day.

In order to remove odors from the microwave cook 1 glass of lemon juice mixed with cinnamon inside it for 5 minutes.

Make you bathroom and chrome shiny and clean by rubbing ½ lemon and rinse it.



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