3 Hormone Balancing Beverages Women Need to Drink

February 16, 2017

Hormones are a very important part of the women’s health and when they are imbalanced they can wreck havoc in the body and cause a multiple series of health complications.

The control some vital body functions and can have an effect on our mood, emotions and productive system. They can also provide a quality sleep and keep us fit and motivated.

This hormonal health has to be taken care of by every woman and we should not always reach for the normal and conventional expensive method and treatment. Here are some natural remedies for balancing and keeping the hormones healthy.

Warm Lemon Water

Other than hormone regulation this beverage will help you a lot with other health conditions and help you lose weight too. Lemons are an amazing citrus fruit that contain a lot of vitamin C and can detoxify your body and expel toxins much faster. That will take care of the skin and make it shiny and new again and strengthen your immune system. They can also aid in digestion and boost the metabolic rate

Golden Milk

This is a very unique hormone balancing drink that will also give you a lot more benefits than you asked for. It is a combination of coconut milk, turmeric, spices and honey as a sweetener or any other of your own choosing. It is great for the hormones and the general health. All the ingredients are very potent and especially the turmeric.

Red Raspberry Tea and Nettle Tea

The raspberry leaves are very good for strengthening the uterine muscles. This herb has very potent ingredients and can affect the hormone health greatly. Other than that, the nettle tea is full of calcium that and provide stronger bones and better health altogether.

With one bag a day of these teas you will balance your hormones and feel better already. They are ultimate Chinese medicine methods for reproductive and hormonal problems.

Source: Cure Joy

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