3 Tests To Check If Your Honey Is Pure Or Fake!

April 2, 2016

Do you know about how to check the authenticity of honey? If analogized, buying fake honey is similar to buying a Rolex with a few aftermarket components.

3 Tests To Check If Your Honey Is Pure Or Fake!

Basically, the fake honey contains some ingredients such as sugar syrup, molasses, starch, and flour. According to a study, not less than 75% of honey in the United States market are fake honey.

Why should we be concerned?

By buying fake honey then you pay for something that is much cheaper than what you deserve. Various studies have shown that China and India are two of several fake honey exporting countries.

Fake honey contains illegal antibiotics and heavy metals that can cause cancer. So far, Europe has managed to prevent the fake honey, but Americans has not. You have to know how to verify the authenticity of honey and here are some tips to detect fake honey:

1. The Thumb Test
Pour a drop of honey on your finger and if it is sticking, then you got a fake honey.

2. The Water Test.
You can also test the honey with the help of water. Pour a tablespoon of honey into a glass of water. If the honey is directly dissolved then you got a fake honey.

3. The Fire Test
Real honey is flammable while fake honey tends to produce water vapor when burned.

To minimize the risk of fake honey, you are advised to buy honey from bee farmers instead of buying from the supermarkets. There is a video that will explain in detail some tests for detecting fake honey. Check the video below!


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