These 5 Diseases Are All Caused by Microwave Ovens, and You’ve Probably Ignored Them!

June 21, 2016

Microwaving became the fundamental part of our busy life. Appropriate for the living today, is quite simple to use and quick as well especially if you want to eat something on the go. The popularity of microwave oven started before thirty years in US and changed the way people cooked.

These 5 Diseases Are All Caused by Microwave Ovens, and You’ve Probably Ignored Them!But, the real question is: does the microwave makes the food healthier? We all know the answer since the baking destroys every nutrient the food has. But, there are many other alternatives with more healthier meal preparation.

The way microwave works is by releasing non-ionizing radiation. This kind of radiation can change the electromagnetic nature of atoms or in other words ionizing them. This changes the way they connect with molecules or atoms around their environment.

There are three types of ionizing radiation and they are gamma radiation, nuclear medicine like mammograms, barium swallows and CT scans, and X-rays.

Your favorite food is destroyed by heat waves with high frequency and it is often argued that this kind of radiation is very dangerous for our health.

Here you will find out the five most common diseases due to the microwave:

  • Fatigue – the tiredness and weakness as well as obesity can appear as a result of the microwave ovens
  • Eliminating antioxidants – antioxidant components are destroyed and because of this the percentage of cholesterol levels and heart attacks is very high
  • Insomnia – This device can be harmful for your brain and impact on it too, leading to insomnia
  • Cancer – because of the radiation, our body is exposed to harmful waves which can lead to cancer
  • Loss of nutrients – using the microwave ovens can eliminate all nutrients and flavors to our food

Avoid using this kitchen device which is very harmful and try to be more careful when it comes to preparing your meals. Always look for the better and more safe alternative. Enjoy your meals and share the information you learned from this article with everyone you know.

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