5 Exercises That Will Help You Get Rid of Flabby Arms

May 18, 2017

The excess fat on the arms that causes flabby arms can be stubborn to lose and the arms may be one part of the body that is not that easy to tone.

In order to do that you only need the right exercises that can tone up that part of the body. You can go to the gym or do these simple exercises at home in order to achieve this effect.

These 5 exercises are the best ones when it comes to toning the arms and they can get rid of that excess fat and also tone the muscles. By doing these on a regular basis you can get rid of that bad aesthetical effect and get you confidence back!

Arm and Leg Lift

This exercise targets the arms, legs and back ad can do wonders for you. Start on all-fours position and extend the left leg and right arm in the same time, hold this position for 5 seconds and then change arms and legs. Alternate between opposites a couple of times and repeat as needed.

Half-Moon Rotation

This exercise works with the arms and shoulders too. Stand normally on your feet and extend your arms out. In this position, rotate your thumbs until they face upward and alter forward. Do 30 reps of this exercises and movement.

Side Plank Lifts

Any plank exercise is really good for the arms but this side plank targets the shoulders and back too. Get into the side plank position with your knees slightly bent. While using your elbow for support lift up your body and extend your arm forward.

Overhead Triceps-Raises

This is the standard workout for triceps muscles and it works like this: Stand on your legs normally and raise one hand over your head. With the opposite hand hold the base of the extended arm for support. Start flexing the arm behind your head in an upward and downward motion and you should feel the muscles engaging.

Ball Push-Ups

This exercise builds-up the upper body force. Start in the standard plank position only this time one hand should be touching the floor and the other one a ball. Slowly lowers the body in an uneven push-up position. Do 5 push-ups and change hands and repeat the process.

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