5 Herbs That Heal

December 28, 2014

Herbs That Heal

There are many herbs that can be planted in a garden that help to heal. Some of these are common everyday herbs that are used on a daily basis.

Others are herbs that are not as common, but have equally strong healing properties. Herbs that can help heal the body include:

Basil– is a natural inflammatory. It has antiseptic properties that are mild. Many times
basil is used for gas, cuts, scrapes, and nausea.

Feverfew– While this is not a commonly known herb, feverfew is a member of the sunflower family. The name actually translates as fever reducer in Latin. Feverfew can be used as a healing herb to reduce headaches, fevers, and arthritis.

Parsley– This common known herb is wonderful for freshening the breath. Many times parsley is used to garnish plates. While it is intended to make the plate look pretty, it has most likely been placed on the plate to freshen the breath after eating a meal.

Many do not realize that parsley can also be brewed as a tea. This will help a person who has the need for iron in the diet. This drink is great for those that are anemic. Parsley tea helps to combat fatigue, as well as prevent gas in the stomach. Energy will be boosted after drinking the tea, as will circulation of the body.

Lemon Balm– Lemon balm is a wonderful herb to add to your garden as it is very calming. Lemon balm has been known to reduce anxiety in many individuals, as well as eliminate stress. Lemon balm used to be used before the Middle ages to help heal wounds, as well as treat insect bites that were poisonous.

Thyme– Thyme is used as a healing herb for coughs, gas, indigestion and congestion. Thyme is perfect for fighting fungal infections and also helps to treat wounds.

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