5 Reasons Why Eating Prunes Are Good For You

October 19, 2015

Many individuals will not try prunes as there is a common perception about them.  However, do not shy away from them as they are very good for the body.

5 Reasons Why Eating Prunes Are Good For You

We all know that prunes are great for those that suffer from constipation.  But there are far greater benefits then just dealing with the digestive tract.

Here are the top five ways that prunes are great for the body:

1. Awesome for bone health. Did you know that prunes can help to prevent osteoporosis. Woman are way more likely to get this disease then men, but it can be helped by not only drinking milk but also by eating prunes. This fruit does contain both flavonoids and phenoic compounds.

2. Keeps the aging process at bay. Free radicals are what make the body age. Nutrients, such as beta carotene and vitamin K will help with the aging process. These two nutrients work together to fix damage done to the cells, which are caused by the free radicals.  They will also improve the blood circulation.

3. Prevent disease. Prunes can not only help with type 2 diabetes, but also help with obesity and mellitus. Prunes can help to keep one satisfied between meals. Prunes are also full of soluble fiber, which helps to prevent diabetes because it increases the body’s sensitivity to insulin. It will also keep the sugar levels stable in the body.

4. Helps to lower cholesterol. The bile in the liver digests the fat in the body. When the bile is excreted with fiber, the cholesterol in the body will be used to make more bile.  This helps to keep the cholesterol levels lower.

5. Protects from cancer. Prunes are full of phenols. This will help to protect the cells from free radicals and oxidation of fat.

Making prunes a part of the daily diet can be very rewarding for individuals.  Unwrap a prune and enjoy it as you think about all it is doing for your body.

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