5 Secret Amish Community – why they rarely get sick?

November 19, 2015

When people think about Amish community, then they will think about simple lifestyle and free from modern life. Most people view Amish as foolish community and not using any modern and advantages technology.

5 Secret Amish Community – why they rarely get sick

Some of them look down this Amish for not confirm to norm society. But based on health report statistic, Amish people are healthier than other community in America. Amish people didn’t have cancer, didn’t get autism and rarely get sick.

What are Amish people doing from other American community?

Let’s look for some secret that make them are different from others. The Amish people have chosen wisdom traditional culture as way of living then absorb modern life. The Amish people live by practice traditional lifestyle and culture from past generation.

 They didn’t get vaccinated
The Amish people actually rarely get autism and learning of disability. There is three autism cases among with Amish people which their children got vaccinated. Instead of Amish people have lack of autism, the mainstream of Amish society credit it. The Amish people refuse vaccination even they got pressure from the government. People can read more about how danger of vaccine effects to human life here.

They eat organic foods
The Amish people often avoid processed food and pre-package food. They often eat organic food that actually grow in natural farm by using organic farming. The Amish people raise their animal and most of foods are GMO and natural. It is important to know that Amish people eat sensational foods in harvesting months and save more foods by fermenting and canning process.

The seasonal vegetables and fruits are rich of high nutrient and filled with antioxidants that very useful benefits for human health. Antioxidant can fight and against free radical and help people to stay young and healthy. The lack of ADHD, asthma and allergy could be undefined by diet contribution.

They eat healthy fat foods
It is important to know that Amish people have low obesity level despite of Amish fat diet. They eat healthy fat foods with no low fat. The Amish people eat eggs, butter, raw dairy and meat. The raw grass and butter contain plenty of fat soluble vitamin like K2, E and A. It is very important to know that vitamin K2 is insufficient in diet program and involved in calcium metabolism particularly. The vitamin K is very insufficient for any serious diseases like osteoporosis, cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

 They active physically
The Amish people only have three percent of obesity rate compared than thirty one percent obesity rate in all America. They active high physical activities without any modern technology: women walk for fourteen thousand step and men walk for eighteen thousand steps in every day.

The Amish people walk a lot and involved in any physical labor which effects to low cardiovascular rate diseases. Based on Mr. David R Bassett, Ph.D, a professor FACSM at Tennessee Knoxville university, the Amish people able to show modern people how far modern people have fallen in the last one hundred fifty years ago. The Amish lifestyle indicate high physical activities as main role to keep them stay healthy and fit.

They live with free of stress
Many people fall by stress attack. It is probably one of culprit to human health. When people are stressed, the cortisol level will get elevate in extreme and dangerous level for human health. There are many health diseases that related to stress such as: hormonal imbalance, heart diseases, high blood sugar level, adrenal fatigue, obesity and elevated cholesterol.

The Amish people live in free of stress, patient lifestyle and slow paced. Also they didn’t compete with other Amish community and they make egalitarian community for themselves.

Many Amish people life are based on harmony, cooperation and equality. Nowadays, the Amish people live with the same culture as they lived three hundred years ago and people can learn something important lesson from them. The Amish people live free from stress and toxic, not plagued and much healthier than others American.

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