5 Signs of Clogged Arteries

January 9, 2017

The blood arteries are very important and they are the ones that transport oxygen-rich blood to and from the heart to all the other important tissues. The arteries are in fact muscular tubes that are lined with smooth tissue that has three layers.

If the arteries do not function well enough a lot of health issues can arise and the blood in our body would not be transported properly. The health of the blood arteries is important for our general wellbeing and lifestyle.


One thing that is very common and that happens to the arteries is build-up that causes clogged arteries. That interrupts the blood flow and causes serious damage and abnormal heart conditions such as heart attacks, strokes, cardiovascular diseases and other life threatening issues. Clogged arteries can also cause arthritis, chronic pain and vision loss.

Detecting the clogged arteries on time is very tricky and there are not many things that will point you that way. Yet there are some very small symptoms that you need to recognize and know in order to detect this issue on time:

  1. Lower Back Pain

According to studies people who suffer from chronic back pain have an increased risk of getting cardiovascular diseases and clogged arteries. The reason that the back is connected to this is that the arteries in the lower back are the first one to get clogged and thus happens the artery blockage. That reduces the blood flow and that is why we suffer from back pain.

  1. Calf Pain

The thickening and hardening of the arterial walls is called arterosclerosis and can block almost all arteries including the ones that bring blood to the legs and upper extremities. When this occurs we feel pain in the calves.

This condition can happen to people who smoke and the risk is lowered to patients who do not. This condition is reversible and easy to treat with just a few lifestyle changes and a plant based diet.

  1. Discomfort in The Feet and Legs

A build up in the extremities is very common and when that happens it manifests as pain and discomfort. In more severe cases it can, for a while disrupt the walking but that is not permanent and can be treated. Frequent pain and fatigue can be some of the symptoms and that should be checked immediately.

  1. Ear Creases

This may surprise you but doctors state that ear creases may be a silent sign and symptom of clogged arteries. This is a rare occurrence but if you suspect anything unusual consult a medical professional.

  1. Erectile Dysfunction

Decreased and interrupted blood flow can reflect badly on our genital area especially for men since for the proper functioning on the male genital organ you need a proper and uninterrupted blood flow.

Note: This information is very useful and should not cause distress or fear. These symptoms can sometimes have different meaning and whenever you suspect something just check it with the doctor. Clogged arteries can easily be treated and prevented with a clean diet.

Source: powerofpositivity

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