5 Simple Ways to Keep Ticks and Lyme Disease Out of Your Yard!

May 7, 2016

Lyme disease is an illness caused by a bacterial infection, and the infection is spread by the bite of ticks. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the United States receive no less than 300,000 new patients every year.
5 Simple Ways to Keep Ticks and Lyme Disease Out of Your Yard!
This disease affects all people without being limited by age and gender. Lyme disease also has some of the symptoms similar to symptoms of other diseases. If not treated immediately, it can damage the nervous system, joints, and even the heart.

First of all, you need to realize the habitat of Lyme-causing fleas.They often live in the woods, lawns, and various other moist areas. Every time you come back from outside activities make sure you clean your body before entering the house. You also need to check your pet for fleas can live in the middle of the dog and cat’s fur.

This article will explain five tips to protect yourself and your pets from fleas. By doing these five tips you can prevent Lyme disease:

1. Use Plants
You can plant American beautyberry shrubs because they are very effective in repel fleas.

2. Cut Grass
Make sure you cut all the grass that can be used by ticks to hide. Many cases of Lyme disease are supported by a bad environment, such as the high grass around the patient’s home.

3. Keep Wood Piles in a Dry Place
Wood piles in the shade could be a favorite home for fleas. Therefore, placing wood piles in a dry place can prevent fleas to come and breed.

4. Use Buffer
Ticks tend not to like gravel and wood chips, and based on this fact you can use gravel and wood chips as a barrier between forests with your house.

5. Tick-Eater
If your yard is wide enough so you can keep a few chickens. Chickens will hunt down every bug in sight. In addition, you will get a supply of fresh eggs every day!

The following videos will provide more detailed information about what to do to prevent fleas efficiently.

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