5 Tips For Better Posture of the Body

August 26, 2015

The following exercise should be done whenever possible in order to have less back pain and better posture.

5 Tips For Better Posture of the BodyThey can be done while sitting at the table, walking around, or while at the office.  Esther Gokhale says that these are great exercises for better posture.

The exercises that should be done include:

1. Extending the spine- This is a great exercise to add some length to the spine. Do not arch the back and always remember to breathe deeply. Inhale, lengthening the spine, keeping the spine the same height as you breathe out.  Repeat, trying to grow taller each time.  This exercise will help to strengthen the abs.

2. Shoulder rolls- Americans for the most part have a tendency to drop the shoulders forward. This ends up with the arms being in front of the body. Pull the shoulders up and slowly push them back, then let them drop. The thumbs should be pointed out and the arms should be by the side when doing this exercise. Gokhale says that indigenous people never have their arms in this position.

3. Squeeze the glutes- When walking, squeeze the glutes. Focus on the highest part of the muscle on your butt.  This will make one look perky and feel that way as well.

4. Do not put your chin out- Take a light object, such as a folded up washcloth and place it on the crown of your head. Balance that object while trying to create pressure against your head and the washcloth.  This will help to lengthen the backside of the neck and the chin will then remain in a natural position.

5. Do not sit up straight- This will cause the back to arch, according to Esther Gokhale. Should you see that you are doing this, perform a shoulder roll in order to lengthen the spine.

Source: www.healthandlovepage.com

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