6 Simple Tricks to Remove Pesticides From Your Food (And Detox Your Body)

June 24, 2016

We all know that in our local markets the vegetables and fruits are full with pesticides. Highly contaminated ones which are most commonly purchased are celery, broccoli, beets, apples, peppers, leafy greens, berries, peas, tomatoes and grapes.

6 Simple Tricks to Remove Pesticides From Your Food (And Detox Your Body)

Most of the people are not aware of the pesticides’ presence and consume it without knowing that later it can cause severe problems to the health. In order to learn how to remove pesticides from your veggies or fruits read the following tips:

Wash with warm water

Pesticides are usually applied on stems and leaves but, great amount of them go to the fruits and vegetables as well.

An intensive wash with warm water can remove the toxins gathered on them before you consume it.

The warm water is very appropriate for this process but very hot or very cold one will not do the job since there will remain some of the pesticides.

Rinse them in salt water

Several fruits and vegetables are rated highly in the list consisting plenty of chemicals. To get rid of them soak the veggies and fruits into a large bowl full with water and put half a teaspoon of salt. Leave them to sit in the solution for several minutes and rinse them with clear water.

You can also use washers like Vegfru which can store the vegetable and fruits and wash them. No matter their origin, you must wash the produce throughly before you cook them.

Use dilute vinegar solution

The substances which every pesticide contains are organochlorines, pyreathoids, carbamates, sulfonylurea, organophosphates and many more which are dangerous for our health. They are not just superficially there but can go deep in the peel and absorbed in the fruit too.

You do not have to buy the commercial washers when you can do the same thing at home. In a large fruit bowl full with water dilute one teaspoon of vinegar. Let the fruit and vegetable sit inside and then use tap water to wash of the solution.

Remove the peel

Another way to take off the skin, so on potatoes, apples, onions, radishes, ginger, carrots, beets, avocados, oranges and mangoes it is very easy to remove it. However, you still need to wash them after you removed the skin and then is safe to use.

Homemade cleaning spray

There are fruits and vegetables which need more care because they have excess pesticides on them. We need one tablespoon of lemon juice and two tablespoons of baking soda to make a mixture. Then dilute it with one cup of water and spray the produce. Finally, wipe it off with clean towel.

The dish soaps and other detergents are not appropriate for consummation, therefore you should not use it in order to wash the products.

Clean with a cloth

For establishing healthy meal it is necessary to clean and wash the vegetable and fruit. Use a damp cloth to wipe the surface after you already rinse it with water. With this cleaning process using just a cloth the residues which are stuck in the surface are completely removed.

It is proved that with these tips and ways of cleaning the fruits and vegetable, the pesticide residues are 85 to 90 % eliminated.

Beside these tips, you can eliminate the traces by blanching the fruits and vegetable. Other way to lower the risk of pesticides on your food to buy from local vendor instead of store.

Organically cultivated food do not contain pesticides and are available in every healthy food store, but they are expensive and not everyone can afford it.

If you start growing fruits and vegetable by yourself in the  backyard, you will have pesticide-free produce and you will be completely sure that everything you eat is organic and beneficial for your health.

Source: thescienceofeating

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