7 Amazing Reasons Why You Need Sugar Apples

December 31, 2016

The sugar apple, or Graviola, is a very healthy and beneficial fruit that will send a lot of benefits your way. It comes to us from a tree called Annona squamosal which is a fruit tree and it comes from tropical Americas and West Indies. For those who haven’t heart or tasted a sugar apple it tastes like a cross form coconut and pear and has a swat and creamy texture.

It has a knobby texture and segments on its skin and the colors can vary and it is important to note that the inside seeds are absolutely not edible. This apple is very nutritious and it can be added and consumed in smoothies, desserts and other dishes.

Here are some common health benefits of sugar apples:

  1. Prevents Anemia

The sugar apples can provide a lot of iron and potassium and can treat and prevent anemia.

  1. Promotes Cardiovascular Health

Sugar apple are abundant in vitamin B6 that can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and it can provide a lot of magnesium that can prevent tiredness and heart attacks or strokes.

  1. Healthy Vision

The vitamin A in this amazing fruit can promote eye health and prevent cornea and retina due to free radicals.

  1. Prevents Asthma

The sugar apple contains a lot of helpful nutrients and minerals and it can provide you with the recommended dose of many vitamins. The vitamin C, B6 and other can relax the bronchial tubes and prevent asthma attacks.

  1. Skin and Hair Health

The content of vitamin D in this fruit is very high and can make your hair shiny and protect your skin.

  1. Balances Blood Sugar Levels

The sugar apple contains a lot of fiber that can slow down the absorption of sugar in the body and prevent type 2 diabetes.

  1. Strengthens Bones

The vitamin D in this fruit improves the calcium absorption in the body and the magnesium is essential for good bone health.


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