7 Natural Ways to Stop Smoking

September 22, 2015

Smoking can cause various serious diseases such as; inflammation, high blood pressure, respiratory dysfunction, early menopause and weak human immune system. Smoking is also can decrease reproduction disorder, low sperm, erectile dysfunction and irregular menstrual cycles.

Natural Ways to Stop Smoking

For those who want to stop and quit smoking, there are natural ways and healthy alternative to get rid of smoking as follows;

Ginger. Many people know that ginger juice can help them to quit smoking. Drinking ginger juice on regular basis can help you to quit smoking and get rid of nausea.

Cayenne pepper. This natural ingredients can help people to respiratory system and reduce desire to smoke. People can start this way with few pinches of cayenne to one glass of mineral water.

Oats. This natural ingredient can help you to reduce harmful toxins and reduce desire to smoke. It is one of oldest natural treatment to help people stop smoking. You can start it by drinking oats mixture from 1 tsp ground of oat, 2 cup of boil water and drink after meal.

Lobelia. It is great natural alternative to stop smoking by curbing all symptoms with lobelia. It can help people with irritation, poor concentration, hunger and nausea that associated with quit smoking.

Hyssop. It can help people to stop smoking and reduce anxiety. It can help you to clear congested lungs and easy mind and body when you are trying to quit smoking.

Valerian. It is a great natural alternative to stop smoking with powerful sedative herb. It can help you to reduce inflammation, anxiety, stress and restlessness that come with quite smoking.

Ginseng. This ingredients can stop or reduce smoking because it can stop the release of dopamine which contributor why people like smoking. Try to drink 1 tsp of ginseng powder into your daily breakfast and it can reduce desire to smoke as well.

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