8 Natural Ingredients to Get Rid of Your Milia !!!

April 13, 2016

Milia, commonly called the “milk points,” are a general term for white bumps that appear on the skin, especially on the facial skin. These lumps are often found in infants but in some cases affect adults. Milia cysts caused by keratin-protein trapped under the skin tissue.

8 Natural Ingredients to Get Rid of Your Milia !!!

So far Milia attack 40% of infants and these lumps have two forms; primary and secondary. Primary Milia attacks the baby while the secondary one affects children, adolescents, and adults. Secondary Milia can be caused by blistering or some procedures such as dermabrasion, skin resurfacing procedures, and long-term use of steroid creams.

So far there is no treatment for primary Milia but these cysts can be lost in just a few weeks. On the other hand, the secondary Milia needs months to disappear. We can use a variety of medications, laser therapy, cryotherapy, and diathermy.

However, you can still treat secondary Milia with some natural ingredients:

1. Sugar Lemon Juice Scrub
Lemon has antibacterial compounds and powerful antioxidants that will be very useful in treating skin. You can create a lemon scrub by combining 2 tablespoons of the sugar with the juice made of ½ lemon and 1 teaspoon of olive oil. Rub the scrub on the surface of your face, leave for 20 minutes, and wash.

2. Cornstarch and Apple Cider Vinegar
Cornstarch has the ability to absorb excess oil left in the pores of the skin. The combination of cornstarch with apple cider vinegar is very useful to remove white spots. You simply make a paste and apply it to the affected area. Let it stands for 30 minutes and rinse.

3. Castor Oil
Castor oil is used to treat the constipation, abdominal pain, respiratory problems, and bladder infection. This oil also has a controller agent to skin oil production. Mix castor oil with olive oil in equal proportions, and rub the herb to the surface of your face. Let it stands for a few minutes and then wash.

4. Steaming
Steam can be used to remove toxins that settle in the pores of the skin. Steaming your face will help you to remove dead skin cells. Apply a towel that has been dipped in hot water and press it to your face for 10 minutes.
5. Tea Tree Oil
Tea tree oil serves as a natural disinfectant for skin health. This oil has antibacterial and antifungal compounds to overcome the infection on the surface of face. Wash your face then apply tea tree oil over the white spots. Leave until you wash the oil at the next day (early morning).

6. Pomegranate Peel Powder
Pomegranate Peel Powder has antioxidants and dead skin cells exfoliating agents. Bake a few pomegranate skins to brown and crush them into a fine powder. Combine with some lemon juice until you have a paste. Apply the paste to your face, leave for 15 minutes, and then wash.

7. Fenugreek Leaves
Fenugreek leaves are anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antiseptic. You can grind some leaves and mixing them with water until you get a paste. Apply the paste on your face, leave for 15 minutes then rinse.

8. Raw Honey
Honey is a traditional component to help you in rejuvenating your skin. Combine raw honey and sugar until you get a scrub. Apply scrub to exfoliate dead skin cells.


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