Replace Your Medication by Consuming These 8 Natural Pain Killing Foods

January 23, 2016

Have you experienced residual pain after a hard workout? When you start doing a workout in the morning, your body may be paining. There are some studies showing how importance the use of pain pills to help reducing residual pain.

Replace Your Medication by Consuming These 8 Natural Pain Killing Foods

The vegetables, fruits, and whole grains will help us to reduce our pain, as they are believed to have anti-inflammatory properties. What you should realize it that the inflammation is not always bad and painful, since it gives us a signal that we are injured. Some foods are believed to be able to help us in preventing the inflammation.

I will explain the 8 natural pain killing foods, you can get a clear explanation about them below:

  1. Coffee

The caffeine contained in coffee can be useful to reduce pain in people who are injured due to hard workout. Not only that, the caffeine can also provide an additional benefit, it can be boosting pain relief when consumed with a normal pain reliever (such as ibuprofen), approximately 100-130 mg of caffeine.

  1. Ginger

Commonly called the wonder root, it helps fighting nausea, motion sickness, and pain as it provides a lot of anti-inflammatory-related benefits. A research found that the ginger has nearly efficacy as ibuprofen in delivering relief from menstrual pain, of course when used in the proper amount, about 250-500g of powdered ginger. By the way, you can take the ginger in various forms, like stir fry, supplements, and cookies.

  1. Salmon

Salmon is very delicious and contains a lot of proteins, including omega-3 fatty acids. The omega-3 fatty acids help reducing arthritic pain in the neck and back. Based on a study, the people who got relief due to the use of omega-3 fatty acids got also almost or better called comparable results to what got from the use of ibuprofen. You can consume the salmon in the form of baked salmon combined with the avocado yogurt.

  1. Cherries Tart

Cherries tart can be useful to reduce your pain. Based on a research, some people use cherries to treat gout. What is the gout? The gout is a kind of arthritic pain with symptoms such as hot, red, and swollen joints due to the accumulation of urine acid inside the blood vessels. Some athletes consume the tart before running and what they got is a lesser amount of post race muscular pain.

  1. Echinacea &Sage

Do you ever have pain throat? Some studies showed that the use of throat sprays with Echinacea &Sage will give you relief from shore throats. Based on different 14 studies, researchers claimed that Echinacea is very helpful if used to reduce the duration of cold infections.

In fact, you can get the sage in almost every grocery store, and on the other hand, Echinacea is available usually in the form of pills and ointment. But you should be careful when you are taking Echinacea as the FDA has not regulated it yet. You must be careful as the Echinacea manufacturers can make any unproven claim about the benefits of their Echinacea products.

  1. Orange

Orange contains Vitamin C and the Vitamin C has a lot of benefits such as preventing respiratory infections and cold. The Vitamin C has also Beta-cryptoxanthin property that plays as an antioxidant, helping to reduce the risks related to anti-inflammatory such as rheumatoid arthritis.

  1. Evening Primrose

This flower used in oil form has been known useful in curing a kind of chronic itchy skin disease called atopic dermatitis. Not only that, the evening primrose oil is useful in treating PMS symptoms, and rheumatoid arthritis. The evening primrose oil has also anti-coagulant effects, useful to reduce effects of cardiovascular-related diseases.

  1. Whiskey

I mention the whiskey doesn’t mean I support you to drink it for relieving your emotional problems. I’m now telling you that the whiskey can help you in getting rid of the nasty sore throat.  Just mix the whiskey with a spoon of warm water and drink the mixture. You will get a satisfy result.

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