8 Signs That You Are Not Drinking Enough Water

June 9, 2016

Water is the only thing you need on this planet in order to survive beside the food. Water keeps your vital functions in great shape. But water can hydrate your body only if it is in pure form.

8 Signs That You Are Not Drinking Enough Water

You can keep your body healthy if you drink enough water because it can adapt the temperature of the body and by this helps in the digestion process. The water makes the necessary body fluids and removes the toxins in the body.

One of the most important properties of the water is that it is great reactant, meaning every chemical reaction is in the consistence of the water.

As a conclusion of everything above, you can realize the necessity of drinking water and therefore the lack of water in our body can cause many complications. You should know that juices, energy drinks, coffee and tea is not a fluid necessary for the body and this is very important to remember. You should know as well that coffee and energy drinks contain caffeine which can dehydrate the body.

Every body can tell when it lacks water. We include some of the signs that your body gives when not enough water is delivered so read more to find out which are they.

1. Frequency of urination

If we are healthy we urinate approximately six to seven times a day. The number can vary depending on how much water the person drinks.

The person who does not urinate several hours or only two or three time in a day must drink more water. This is the one sign that your body gives when it lacks water. Many difficulties can be caused in your kidneys because of not consuming enough water. For this reason kidneys cannot reduce the waste from your body.

Therefore drink the right amount of water and you will not have problems with the function of your body.

2. Dry skin

You want your skin to be smooth and shiny? Then drink water in order to hydrate the skin. In this way the skin is soft to touch and no more dry.

The occurrence of dry skin is due to the fact that your body lacks water and it is dehydrated. If you put on a lotion or different balm for wetting your skin and it is still dry then this is another sigh it lacks water. So, to stay hydrated all the time drink several glasses of water in a day and the result would be smooth and shiny skin.

3. Headaches

The main reason for headaches is the lack of hydration in your body. The headache caused by dehydration is a bit different than the usual one. You can make the difference between the two since the  one caused by dehydration is worse when you move suddenly.

The pain can become worse if you move up and down to the stairs, in a fast movement and when you bend down to pick something. Suffering from this type of headache can be only for one reason-lack of water.

It can appear as a consequence of sweating a lot during the day and not drinking water afterwards.

Drink some fluids immediately after you feel the headache of this type but you should remember that you drink slowly.

4. Dry mouth

You have dry mouth due to the fact that you cannot produce enough saliva. If you have dry mouth constantly, then your mouth and throat can be damaged.

If you take many medicines and you are not drinking water with them it can lead to dry mouth and less production of saliva. Therefore, always bring a bottle of water with you in order to stay hydrated.

5. Color of the urine

A major sign of dehydration is the changing of the color of urine. If you are hydrated well then your urine color will be clear but if you are not then the color will be changed.

If the urine gets darker then normal start drinking water immediately. In the picture you will differentiate the color since there are stages of how hydrate you are and color show that stage. You will notice that if the color of the urine is brown then you are probably dehydrated.

But, you should not drink large amount of water in a short period of time since the consequence is getting cold. Drink the water slowly in order the body to replenish all organs where the water is required.

6. Hunger

You just ate but you still feel hungry? The first thing you thought was it craves for snacks but this is wrong. When this happens to you remember it it because of the dehydration.

Your body often confuses the sense of hunger with the lack of water. That is why when you feel hungry but you have already eaten drink water instead of snacks. This will satisfy the sense of hunger commonly mistaken by your body with water and everything will be alright.

7. Dizziness

Do not panic, if you feel a little bit lightness in you head since your body gives you sign that it needs water. Beside the loss of water in your body, you should know that the fluid layered in your inner ear can cause the same feeling.

If this happens to you drink glass of water and the dizziness will be gone. The same can happen to athletes who stay longer on the sun and feel dizzy.

8. Chronic dehydration and symptoms

There are several symptoms which indicate chronic dehydration. Take into consideration that these symptoms stay unnoticed for the more experienced and visual form of dehydration in your body.

Source: tophealthylife

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