8 Things About Rose Apples You Shouldn’t Miss

February 21, 2017

For those who do not know and are a little bit confused, rose apples do not come close to roses or guavas. In fact, they come really close to the fruit guava. They are also known by the name water apple, water rose and bell fruit.

They are related to guavas and can be used raw, cooked, as preserves, jams or candies. They are bell shaped and have a pink color and grow in hot and humid climates.

Here are a couple of reasons why you should consume more rose apples.

  1. Detoxify the Body

These apples have diuretic properties that can stimulate the removal of toxic substances in the body. They do that by increased urine production and expelling and filtering out toxins much faster.

  1. Regular Bowel Movements

They have a huge amount of fiber in them that can put a stop to constipation for good. Fiber is an indigestible carbohydrate that promotes bulk elimination of the stool. His kind of fiber can also prevent colon cancer.

  1. Heart-Friendly

Other than the digestive system these apples can aid in the circulatory system as well. It is all due to the amount of fiber in this fruit because they can eliminate the bad cholesterol levels and prevent the risk of several her connected diseases.

  1. Potassium Supply

Potassium is very important for the body especially for balancing and regulating the blood pressure levels. It can relax the blood vessels and provide a much better blood flow. Potassium can ensure good functioning and healthy muscles.

  1. Control Diabetes

Jambosine is a very important substance in rose apples that can regulate the conversion of starch into sugar. This makes the rose apples perfect for people who suffer from diabetes. Consuming one rose apple before meals can really help control the blood sugar levels.

  1. Young Looking Skin

Vitamin C is crucial for the production of collagen and this fruit is abundant in it. That is why it can help you have a better and younger looking skin and slow down the ageing process.

  1. Inhibit Infections

The vitamin C in this fruit can put a stop to infections and diseases and also colds and flu. It can strengthen the immune system and help you fight off infections much faster.

  1. Cancer Protection

The vitamin C and the antioxidants in this fruit can prevent free radical damage in the system and thus protect you from many types of cancer.

Source: Health Digezt

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