9 Dangerous Essential Oil Myths You Really Need To Stop Believing

May 24, 2016

Technology and Internet era has turned every information upside down and caused people to allow themselves misusing it and others being mislead.

9 Dangerous Essential Oil Myths You Really Need To Stop Believing

People who desire to have a webpage or a blog can make one for themselves and with that post every information they can think of. Despite the well intentions of the bloggers, they still use information’s that are often false and fatal.

No matter hoe healing and natural the essential oils are, we should take into consideration that they can be dangerous and harmful as well. They should be used with great caution and applied carefully.

In the list below you will realize the significance of the power essential oils have:

  • One pound of peppermint essential oil out of two hundred fifty six peppermint leaves
  • One pound of rose oil from thousands of pounds rose petals

Twenty eight cups of peppermint tea is equal to only one drop of essential oil. The essential oils must be treated with respect since they are very powerful and dangerous at the same time.

There are many wrong publications made out of the increased interest for alternative therapies with essential oils, eve Internet helps this misguidance.

Read more to find out some of the most misleading myths believed to be correct.

#1: Therapeutic grade oils don’t exist

There are several therapeutic grade standards and it is very easy to prove but also very hard to trust. The companies which make the oils develop their own standards and they are internal. So, there is great possibility that no other lab can control the quality of these standards.

In other words, the term therapeutic grade is not well defined. That is why some companies many claim the purity of the oil but other can say it is on a lower scale. The reason for essential oils being low quality or pure is the experience gained over years working with them, not just making experiments in lab.

A essential oil chemist Dr. Robert Pappas says that there is no independent body for clarifying the oils although there is an assumption. The therapeutic grade standard exists but it is internal, within the company. It can be approved by many aromatherapists or analysts but it is not independent.

#2: The use of pure essential oil on your skin can cause a rash or burn

The truth is that if you put something on your skin which causes these conditions then you must notice that they are not for use at all.  It is an adverse reaction, meaning every abnormal issue like rash or burn  indicates irritation on your skin. A detox reaction appears when something lacks an ingredient.

Moreover, if you notice rash on your skin after using essential oil your body’s reaction in stop using it. This is the reason why you should test the oil on a small area and if you do not like to take risk dilute it in carrier oil before using.

#3: Pure essential oils without additives eventually last forever

Another false leading information is the duration of the oil. It can last for a long time but also it can be spoiled since it can oxidate. Oil which go bad faster are the one with limonene substance which oxidates fast and is part of citrus oil. The oil can be used within one year, no longer. To slowdown the process you can put oils like blue tansy, yarrow and German chamomile in a refrigerator.

#4: You can ingest any essential oil without a problem

It is not safe to use essential oils internally unless you are under guidance of medical person. The belief that every oil is as good as its tea is not true, since the oil is much concentrated and toxic for the digestive system. You must be very careful with this thinking because there is not always good to use the same essential oil as your favorite tea.

#5: All essential oils in their diluted form are safe for children

Many oils are not safe for children on five or under this age. You must be aware that it can cause damage so ask professional before using on children.

#6: It is safe to use essential oils and be exposed in the sun immediately

The one oil that will make you skin sensitive to sun is the citrus oil because it contains substances that can increase the influence of the UV light. Burning, discoloration and blistering are the result of the sensitive skin. Other oils that can increase the damage of the UV light are bergamot, orange, lemon, lime and grapefruit.

#7: If you don’t like the way an oil smells, it means your body needs that oil

Our body can protect us from many influences outside like smelling odors. But the opposite, something that is with bad smell can be of great help for our body. This is a trick many fast food companies use. But if some essential oil smells bad for you give it some time because you need to get familiar with its odor.

#8: Pure essential oils do not freeze because they don’t consist water

 As being liquid the essential oil can be frozen and water is not the reason for this.  They are all different for example, one can be solid in a room temperature, other will freeze even in your refrigirator and some need more cooler temperatures in freezer.

#9: It is safe to put essential oils directly in a hot bath

You must emulsify the oil before using it in a bath. For this you will need sesame oil or milk. If you do not do the emulsification the oil will float and go directly on your skin causing damage.

Tips for Using Essential Oils

  • Do not use plastic container as a storage of essential oil
  • Use dilutes oil on your skin
  • When using essential oils, pregnant and nursing women must be cautious

 Source: naturallivingideas

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