9 Dirtiest Body Parts We Never Thought Were Dirty

January 7, 2017

Many of us think that the genital area and intimate are the dirtiest part of the human body. While that is absolutely true, there are other parts that we should not overlook and they pretty much hit the top of the list and are even worse than our genital area.

According to Harvard scientists the dirtiest part is our mouth that has up to 615 bacteria. Read on the following list of the other top dirtiest places we never knew.

  1. Mouth

The mouth can have more than 600 types of bacteria that can be harmful to the general health. That is why oral hygiene is very important. Brushing the teeth regularly and using mouthwash or dental floss can help prevent this issue.

  1. Armpits

The sweat under the armpits is normal, what causes the bad smell is the bacteria that circle around there and have to be eliminated. It is recommended to use an antibacterial soap to clean ourselves thoroughly since deodorants and other products can only mask the problem.

  1. Ears

The earwax is there to protect the ear from many infections, dust and bacteria and while its role is beneficial the earwax when not cleaned regularly can cause many more infections to the ear. The earwax should be cleaned on times in order to prevent its build-up in the inner ear and prevent many ear issues.

  1. Tongue

We have all noticed that the tongue sometimes changes its color. That is due to bacteria that can be cleaned out with the back part of the tooth brush that is like a soft rubber.

  1. Nails

Well groomed nails are not just for women and appearance. This part of our body gets introduced to many bacteria over the course of the day and should be properly taken care of. Washing the hands is number one but cleaning the part under the nails and clipping them is also highly important.

  1. Head

The scalp can sometimes get irritated and infected and our heads mat scratch not due to bacteria but scalp sensitivity and damage. The hair should be washed regularly and any individual problems we have should be addressed.

  1. Belly Button

This small hole in our stomachs can collect a lot of bacteria that should be taken out carefully every time we take a shower.

  1. Nasal Cavity

The small hairs in our nose are there to protect us from inhaling certain bacteria and while they do help they cannot protect us 100%. That is why we need to clean this area with the help of the nasal irrigation system.

  1. Bottom

This area can be dangerous if overlooked and not taken care of.

Source: fhfn

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