9 Signs of Lung Cancer You Should be Woory

October 20, 2015

Lung cancer is the silent killer because it does not show a variety of symptoms clear. Based on various studies that have been conducted, 40% of patients with lung cancer are detected after they got high stages, the stage 3 and stage 4.

9 Signs of Lung Cancer You Should be Woory

In this article, you will be given some information about the symptoms associated with the development of lung cancer, so you can anticipate this disease better.

Simple X-ray testing cannot detect the early stages of lung cancer, fortunately low-dose computed tomography scans have managed to detect the early stages of lung cancer.

Four years ago, a study said that deaths from lung cancer have decreased 20% thanks to the application of CT scans. The study was involving tens of thousands of people and using low level X-rays and CT scans.

US Preventive Services Task Force advised the elderly to perform detection of CT scans routinely.

According to these agencies, people aged between 55-79 years and over 30 years old smoker or a heavy smoker for the last 15 years are those who have a high risk of developing lung cancer.

9 signs of Lung Cancer

  1. Unusual Cough

You need to recognize some form of unusual cough. You may need to do some testing. If you look at the amount of mucus or blood and heard a cough deeper, then you should be wary.

  1. Harsh-sounding Voice

Harsh-sounding voice can be associated with nerve damage associated with sound spending. This is probably a symptom of the tumor pressing on your nerves, if you change your voice, sounding lower or deeper then consult your doctor immediately.

  1. Weight

The cells suck energy to grow and develop, but cancer cells do this activity with much greater intensity. We know that the energy obtained from food but cancer cells suck in large amounts. This is the reason why all patients with advanced cancer experience significant weight loss.

  1. Bone Tenderness and Pain

This type of cancer can be a bad effect on bone, including pain in the spine. In addition to the spine, the cancer can cause bone pain of the arm, shoulder, and neck in some cases. Consult your doctor immediately if you experience some of these symptoms.

  1. Headache

This type of cancer can also attack the brain and cause headaches. In some cases, lung cancer can put pressure on the veins that carry blood to the upper body. This is a cause of headache in patients with lung cancer.

  1. Difficulty Breathing

Lung cancer can cause obstruction of the respiratory tract and trigger a buildup of fluid in the chest. All of these things can cause breathing difficulties. If you experience these symptoms in a long time, then you should be wary.

  1. Chest Pain

Chest pain is a typical symptom of lung cancer. Chest pain is one of the symptoms caused by lung cancer metastasis to the chest wall, ribs, and multiple layers around the lungs. This pain can also be affected by metastases in the lymph nodes.

  1. Continuous Cough

Continuous cough is one of the characteristics of lung cancer. If the cough persists more than 14 days, then you should be suspicious. Increasing intensity of coughing can be a sign of lung cancer.

  1. Wheezing

Wheezing can be caused by pneumonia, and mild respiratory distress. However, several recent studies concluded that wheezing can be caused by lung cancer. Do not take risks; consult your doctor immediately if you experience wheezing in more than 2 weeks.

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