9 Stretches In 9 Minutes For Complete Lower Back Pain Relief

June 29, 2016

Back pain is one of the main consequences which too much activity or on contrary being lazy and motionless can cause. The solution and relief for this condition is exercise and stretching.9 Stretches In 9 Minutes For Complete Lower Back Pain ReliefIf you are suffering from aches, spasms or stiffness you need to consider these two relievers. Keep your back strong and fit with these nine stretches for only nine minutes.

Low Back Exercises

You should do these exercises on a daily basis and if the pain is still here during any of the exercises stop immediately because you can hurt yourself.

  1. Knee hugs

Lay down on the floor. Bring your knee to the chest, and hold in this position for a few seconds. Return the leg back to the floor slowly and repeat the same thing with the other knee.

  1. Knee rolling

Laying down with your face directed upwards, bring your legs and feet to the buttocks. Roll your knees on one side, then bring them back in the first position and roll them on the opposite side.

  1. Side-bending

In a standing position, bend to one side with your hand slowly sliding to the leg. Go back and bend to the other side making sure you are not twisting or bending forward. In this way you will stretch the spine.

  1. Cat stretch

Place your knees and arms on the floor making the cat posture. The first position is curling your back and tucking the head while your bottom is forward. The second one is pushing your head back and bringing down the back while the bottom is pushed backwards.

  1. Rotation

Put your hands behind the neck and in a sitting position, bring the legs towards the buttocks. Touch the left elbow with the right knee and slowly extend the back. Then, bring the elbow to the middle and repeat the move with the other one.

  1. Side-bending 2

In a standing position, lean against the wall while moving the pelvis towards the wall. Hold this position for a few seconds. Move the pelvis away from the wall while bending the spine.

  1. Abdominal exercise

Use a chair to support the legs and bend your knees on a 90 degrees angle. Twine the fingers behind your neck for a better support. Try to sit up while touching the elbows with your knees. You do not need to touch it if you cannot.

  1. Abdominal sides

Lay down on a mat and bend your legs, then arch the back up, pushing the bottom down. Stay in this position for a few seconds. Then relax and lift your bottom while pushing the back on the floor.

  1. Bottom walking

In order to do the walking motion sit down and move your pelvis forwards with one side and let the other side follow. For a greater support use your hands and legs.

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