A Shocking Truth About What Cause Cancer and the Reason why Those are Ignored by Doctors

January 13, 2016

In 1971, an unusual event happened in medical world as US Congress and President Nixon declared a war against cancer. Until now, we have not yet received universal therapy that is useful for all cancer types. However, there are so many technological improvements related to cancer treatment.

A Shocking Truth About What Cause Cancer and the Reason why Those are Ignored by Doctors

We should think about a possibility of all cancer therapy advances will bring us to a universally accepted therapy. Thanks to scientist, we can treat all the cancer type better. Sadly, cancer rates have been increasing since the last 40 years. Even cancer replaces heart disease as the number 1 killer in United States for people aged 45-74. That means someone in this range is likely to suffer from cancer. They might be healthy, dying from it, struggling against it, an even killed by it!

The battle of cancer- A Pronounce Failure

Reynol Spector says that at least there are 6 reasons causing the failure of today’s cancer treatments

  •  We don’t really understand what pathogenesis is as well as causes of most cancers
  •  The lack of effectiveness of cancer treatments, most of them are not specified to kill cancer cells
  •  Less innovation relating the grant system and clinical trials
  •  Insufficient animal models used in cancer treatments
  •  We can’t do perfect screening processes over cancer cells
  •  Ineffective “fads” that always come in most of researches that have been done

Even you know every factor causing the failure: the list above is telling you what wrong about this system is. There is such a common ignorance related to an assumption that toxic overload can be a main cause of some cancers.

I noted that some studies about mummies found that cancer can’t be classified as natural disease. Genetics can’t be a main factor, since most cancers caused by poor diet and bad pollution. There are some reasons why most medical communities have been ignoring those reasons.

What the underlying cause behind the problem sis

Because no one is aware of the underlying cause behind most cancer cases, the number of cancer cases is increasing day by day. Most cancer studies are still focusing on what called costly drugs that target last stages. The drugs enrich the drug companies only, without giving significant effect to patients. Those are failed in preventing most cancers. I, myself, believe that by doing this health plan, you can minimize cancer risk.

What is causing cancer?

Nearly 90% of cancer cases are caused by unhealthy lifestyle and environmental factors.
Please look out some points below:

  •  Artificial and processed foods (including some chemicals attached)
  •  Pesticides and chemicals
  •  Obesity, bad sleeping habits and stress
  •  Radiation coming through wireless tech, medical tools, and electricity
  •  Sunlight and dangerous sunscreens
  •  Certain pharmaceutical drugs

You can check some dangerous or risky products by checking “Dirty Dozen” list by the Cancer Prevention Coalition.
So far, a lot of researchers have shown what they have made in finding the solution. Unfortunately, they are still focusing on what called targeting cancer drugs. They are less focusing on the lifestyle problems. It is funny regarding the lifestyle is the main factor of most cancers.

We should realize that most cancer drugs are toxic and offering various bad effects. In fact, most drugs are not offering anything to provide what called a significant positive effect for cancer patients, as well as their quality life.

We can take Avastin as a sample. Avastin was the best-selling drug but has been stopped for medicating breast cancer. The reason is its function is almost nil when compared to its bad effects. The bad effect suffered by patients is the evidence of how dangerous doctor’s ignorance of good life style is.

Genuine cancer advancements that should be known by public

The number of cancer cases has increased about two times in the last three decades. Some scientists predict that the number will be increasing by three times at 2030. That is what will be happening if we are still in our ignorance of creating a good lifestyle. At least there are three cancer developments that need what called a serious attention. Unfortunately, the conventional medicine has not accepted the three developments yet.

Vitamin D

The deficiency of vitamin D is one of important causes of most cancers. Based on lots of medical data, about 30% of deaths by cancer can be avoided if vitamin D were optimized among the population. By optimizing vitamin D consumption, we can minimize cancer risk by 50%. Are you already under a cancer treatment? If so, you need to ensure your blood level at range of 80 to 90 ng/ml. Some populations having low levels of vitamin D consumption got a significantly increased cancer cases. Not enough sunlight can be a cause of some cancers.

As known, vitamin D provides some benefits, but you might not some of them. Check them out below!

  •  Providing a regulation of genetic expression
  •  Preventing cancer cells from their reproduction and transportation
  •  Causing the mutated cells to kill themselves
  •  Supporting cells differentiation
  •  Reducing growth of new blood vessels as a next step in developing cancer networks

Optimizing Insulin Levels

What has been ignored for a long time is insulin levels normalization. Otto Warburg is a person that won a Nobel in the 1930’s for his research related to cancer cells physiology. He showed that most cancer cells need more sugar for developing. By controlling sugar level, we can control cancer cells growth as well.

A cure that has been hidden from the public since 1923

Dr. Ron Rosedale (M.D.) pointed out that all kinds of diseases have common relationship at their molecular and cellular level. Dr. Rosedale said that insulin has an important role in controlling some diseases, including cancer. Thanks to the good lifestyle, we can control our insulin level by consuming sugar or fructose coming with our foods not exceeding what should be.


There is plenty of evidence about how exercise could help in reducing cancer risk. How? The exercise helps in lowering the high levels of insulin, disheartening the development of cancer cells significantly. By combining three aspects above (vitamin D, normal insulin levels, and exercising) you can optimize your efforts against cancer. Some cancers are related to the age. If you are active adult, you might have half of the colon cancer risk owned by seniors. If you are a woman, you should be active since active woman reduce breast cancer risk by 20-30% lower than what owned by inactive woman.

The exercise helps people in improving their immune cell circulation through bloodstream. What we should realize is that the immune system is what called the first shield against diseases, no matter how serious they are.

It is important for you to understand how to do exercise properly. You should do exercise in a regular basis. But ensure yourself to not overdo exercise. The exercise should be adjusted to your physical structure, strength, flexibility, aerobic and anaerobic levels.

Right personal choices

Based on American Cancer Society’s advice, a third of all deaths by cancer are related to excess weight, poor diet, and the lack of physical activity. If you choose to be healthy and fit, you need to do the followings:

  •  Optimize vitamin D consumption and get yourself safely exposed by the sun
  •  Control your sugar consumption in a tight rule
  •  Consume Omega-3 fats routinely
  •  Eliminate what called the neurological short-circuiting that activates cancer genes. At least about 85% of all diseases have strong relationship with emotional factor. To do this point, I usually use the Emotional Freedom Technique
  •  Consume vegetables in a regular basis. A lot of vegetables have powerful anti-cancer benefits. You should keep this point in your mind. In fact, less than 25% of people consuming enough amount of vegetable
  •  Keep your weight stable
  •  Avoid chemicals and synthetic air fresheners as much as possible
  •  Get a quality sleep habit
  •  Don’t be depended on the use of wireless technology, such as cell phones. The cell phones are suspected give side effects related to radiation.
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