What People Need to do if Their Body is Acidic?

December 11, 2015

Dr. Otto H Warburg, a winner of noble prize discovered the real specific cause of cancer and he found the main root of cancer is oxygen deficiency. The oxygen deficiency can lead to acidic and make human body more acidic. Dr. Otto H Warburg is also found common type of cancer that it is anaerobic and will not survive in the high oxygen level as well as found in alkaline.

What People Need to do if Their Body is Acidic

The normal cell will have absolute oxygen requirement but cancer cell could live without any oxygen. A rule said that without exception deprive one cell up to thirty five percent of its oxygen for two days and it can become cancerous.

The diet can play important role in maintaining PH level in the human body. PH balance is important to keep balance of acid/alkaline level in the human body and in any fluid/cells throughout human body. The body should keep balance the blood PH level at 7,365 to survive and typical American diet often consists of acid forming food and primer of toxic such as; refined grains, processed sugar and modified organism.

It can lead to un-healthy acidic PH and can interrupt to cells function and activities.

The acidic PH could lead to different serious diseases such as: diabetes, heartburn, cancer, osteoporosis and cardiovascular health problem. If you can keep body in acidic state for long time, it could accelerate aging.

Robert O young said that pH miracle and the most diseases arise come from acidic because it is parasites, viruses, bad bacteria and candida in acidic movement. The alkaline environment can neutralize all pathogens and bad bacteria. Maintaining PH balance is very important to optimize human health. In order to achieve good health, here are great remedies for acidity.


–  1/3 teaspoon of baking soda

–  Two tbsp of organic apple cider vinegar or fresh lemon juice


–  Put all ingredients and mix them together. The acid combination can become fizz immediately

–  Add of baking soda until fizz stop and fill into a glass with eight oz of water

–  Drink this recipe at once. It can help people to neutralize PH balance and make alkaline forming environment in the human body. It is also can help people who suffer from acidosis and stomach acid.

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