Why You Should ‘Activate’ Your Nuts & Seeds – And How To Do It

May 24, 2016

Nuts and seeds contain a lot of fiber,many healthy fats and have great nutritive value, that is why you should include them into your regular diet if they are not already. If you are craving for delicious,  fulfilling and simple snack, nuts and seeds are a perfect choice.

Why You Should ‘Activate’ Your Nuts & Seeds – And How To Do ItThey can be as well added in meals and smoothies if they lack some crucial nutritions.

Get The Most Out Of Your Nuts

If roasted nuts are part of your diet, you should look at the possibility of eating them raw and dried. During the baking process, they  loose their nutritive qualities and go bad, which is not a good thing for your health because of the appearance of health problems.

Even the producers of nuts use inexpensive oils to roast them. In order to protect the integrity and losing their flavor by roasting, buy them raw and make the process of roasting your own way.

You should consider eating them at once, but first wait to cool down for a second.

Why Should Nuts & Seeds Be Activated?

For taking the full advantage of the values the seeds have, you should soak them in a bowl full of water for several hours or overnight – a process called activation.

Phytic acid is something that contain in their composition and which is a form of storage for phosphorous. It can connect with many minerals like calcium, zinc, magnesium, manganese and iron in the digestive system not allowing to be available for us.

Taking the phytic acid in high amounts eating food that contains it, can cause osteoporosis and can develop mineral deficiency. It will not cause you any health problems if you consume considerable amount, for example a handful a day, but if you are overusing them the recommendation is to try activation process.

Unfortunately, humans do not have the enzyme phytase, which can dissolve the phytic acid found in the animal organisms. Luckily, we still have an alternative tools for breaking up the phytic acid and enjoy the valuable offer given by seeds. To efficiently obtain the minerals and nutrients nuts and seeds contain,  we should soak, ferment and sprout them because they can neutralize the effect of the phytic acid.

Nuts And Seeds Also Contain Enzyme Inhibitors

The natural occurrence of the enzyme inhibitors prevents the premature sprout of nuts and seeds. Nuts and seeds rising in the wild can be asleep for a long time because they wait the convenient weather conditions like warmth and moisture for growing. The nuts which do not sprout are not digestible since the inhibitors can deactivate the active place of an enzyme.

The process of activating and soaking nuts and seeds can reduce the phytic acid and permanently turns off the enzyme inhibitors, so that the enzymes are available. When you soak dry they act as if they should start to grow and all the element are switched off as they prepare for the process of sprouting.

How To Activate Your Nuts

If your consummation is large then use bigger bowl to activate them since you will reduce the amount of duration. But if you have plenty of time you can do this on a daily basis.

  • Into a large bowl pour two cups of your preferred seeds (chia or hemp seeds do not fit in this process since they are good as they are)
  • Next, cover the nuts and the seeds with filtered water for about two inches on top and two teaspoons of sea salt.
  • The soaking process for many seeds is 7-12 hours, but as always there is an exception. The cashews take 3 to 5 hours (no longer that that) and almonds which submerge between 12 and 14 hours.
  • After this method, strain off the excess of water and rinse it well.
  • If you own a dehydrator use the racks of it to dry the nuts, instead use cookie sheets in your oven and dry slowly your favorite nuts at 65 degrees C or 150 degrees F. there is variation in the drying process between nuts.
  • If you are completely sure they are dry, put them in a vacuum container, but if you plan to use it during the day put them away from moist since they can spoil and became less edible.

Enjoy the nutritive benefits of nuts and seeds with this healthy method.

Source: collective-evolution

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