Honey – Elixir of Life

December 17, 2013

Acacia Honey:


Acacia honey has pale green tint and a pleasant scent. It doesn’t crystallize for a long time.

It is also known to regulate the function of the stomach, stops bleeding, effective against cough, fever, eye diseases, and soothes the nerves, against stress and insomnia.


Chestnut Honey:

chestnut honey

Honey is dark yellow, has a bitter taste and is one of the most desired honeys for its medicinal properties.

It is rich in pollen, which helps with bronchitis, asthma, and other disease of the respiratory system. It also improves the appetite, helps with diseases of the digestive organs, stomach, liver, blood vessels, gall bladder, prostate and anemia.


Linden Honey:


Linden honey has a light yellow color, and a characteristic fragrance with a sharp scent.

It causes sweating and is beneficial in reducing fevers. It can be used for angina, assisting the inflammatory processes, healing wounds, burns, and diseases of the stomach, liver and kidneys.


Sunflower Honey:


After chestnut honey, sunflower honey is one with the richest pollen.  Sunflower honey is yellow in color and crystallizes quickly.

It is recommended against colds, flu, sneezing, and diseases of respiratory system.


Sage Honey:


Sage is a darker color, usually yellow, with a pleasant fragrance, but a somewhat bitter taste. It’s known to stop bleeding, reduce inflammation, and has a strong antibacterial effect. It is used against colds, because it helps easily to expel mucusfrom the trachea and bronchi.


Forest Honey:


The forest honey is not derived from nectar; bees collect it from the leaves and spines of various deciduous and evergreentrees.

The composition of this honey is closest to the composition of human blood, and recommended mostly for anemia.


Clover Honey:


Clover is a light honey with a pleasant flavor and scent.

It helps against coughs, arteriolesclerosis, liver diseases, cleansing ofthe blood, and other various inflammations.


Dandelion Honey:


Dandelion has an intense yellow color, and its own specific scent and taste. It crystallizes very quickly.

It is recommended for its laxative and diuretic properties and for cleansing of the liver.


Lavender Honey:


Lavender is light yellow honey with a strong scent and taste. It is effective against diseases of the liver, and stimulates the secretion of the gallbladder.

This honey, in combination with chamomile tea soothes the body, and is used against flatulence and helps with urination problems. The honey acts against migraines, dizziness and helps with heart problems and low blood pressure.


Bronchus Honey:

Bronchus is selected varieties of honey, propolis, anise and menta. It facilitates breathing and prevents coughing, sore throat, inflammation of mucous membrane, oral cavity and stomach.


Propolis Honey:

Propolis is from selected varieties of honey and propolis. It is best against: angina, bronchial, asthma, diseases of the oral cavity, pharynx, esophagus, sinus etc.


Honey for diabetic people:

Selected honey with added vitamins: B-complex, C and PP-vitamins in a strict ratio. This mixture increases the secretion of insulin in the body.


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