Almond Milk & Green Tea – Amazing Combo That Help You to Lose Weight and Detox Your Body

February 6, 2015

Almond Milk & Green Tea – Amazing Combo That Help You to Lose Weight and Detox Your Body

Every morning, millions of people start the day with a cup of hot tea, some of them put sugar, some organic honey, and some without anything in tea.
All these people know that tea is healthy and beneficial, but not everyone knows about the benefits of green tea, even fewer of them know that there is a diet based on a base of almond milk and green tea.


Almond Milk and Green Tea

This combination is becoming increasingly popular with people who want to lose weight, even better, because this combination has excellent taste, kills hunger and is an excellent cleaner and detoxification of the body.This drink is absorbed better, because green tea eases digestion of almond milk and milk alleviates the effects of caffeine.
Using this diet you can lose weight 0.5 to 2 kg per day but is recommended a maximum of 2 times per month.
-1,5 liter Almond Milk
-2 tablespoons Green Tea (never use teabags only original Green Tea)
You can bye your Green Tea from local healthy food store.
First you take the Almond Milk and put in the pot and warm up to 158 °F which is important for the milk not to be hot but only warm.
After that add the 2 tablespoons of Green Tea.
Cover it and leave to cool down.When is cool down strain and put in the bottle.
You can drink one cup on every 2 hours durring the day but in the meantime drink purified,non-carbonater water at least 2 liters of water a day because this combo is a strong diuretic and a water will maintans the balance in organism.
kidney and gallbladder diseases ,
-intolerance to milk,
– low pressure.
If you have a chronic disease, make sure you consult your doctor.


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