Almond Milk Recipe

April 26, 2014

Almond Milk

Vegetable milk – healthy alternative to animal milk

Plant milks are becoming more prevalent in today’s diet, not just for people who are only using raw or vegan food, but for all the others who want a healthier alternative for normal milk.

Almond Milk

Alternative milk is made from a variety of nuts, seeds and grains: almonds, hazelnuts, cashew nut, hemp, oats, coconut, etc.. The process is simple and almost the same for all of them.

Ingredients for almond milk:

– 0.2 pounds of almonds (not roasted and salt-free)
– optional sweetener (honey, maple syrup, agave syrup or 4-5 date palms)
– 3 pounds of water

Almond Milk

*Almonds should stay in water at least 6 hours or overnight to soften, just enough to relieve their enzyme inhibitors to make them more easily digestible .

*Water should be changed several times to be fresh and that water should not be consumed.

*After that peel the almonds (this takes about 30 minutes , so plan accordingly if you want the drink to be ready at a certain time) .

*Place the peeled almonds along with sweetener of your choice in blender and add 10 oz of water . Blend until you get creamy mass.

*Then add the rest of the water and blend it a few minutes … and the milk is ready – enjoy !

Almond milk can be refrigerated in a glass bottle or jar , approximately 3 days .

* Enough for 6-8 cups

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