Almonds Milk Health Benefits

April 26, 2014

Almonds Milk-Glass full of Health

One of the finest milk who has a beneficial effect on the regulation of cholesterol levels in the blood and affect the strengthening of teeth and bones, and improves concentration.

As pointed out by many nutritionists , almond milk is one of the healthiest in the world , and can be made even at home in a very short time.

almonds milk

Eating almonds is usually recommended in cases of constipation , disturbances in the respiratory tract , coughing , heart problems , anemia , impotence , and diabetes .

They are a source of vitamin E ( which is essential for heart health ), calcium,phosphorus , iron,magnesium and vitamin B6 ( which is responsible for the proper functioning of the immune system ).

Almonds contain zinc , selenium , copper , niacin , omega 3 and omega 6 fats, and compared to other nuts, are in the category of the most nourishing. It is best to eat them on an empty stomach in order to ensure better absorption of nutrients.

almonds milk

Only 0.033 pounds of almonds satisfies as much as 50 percent of our daily requirement for all listed vitamins, and therefore they receive a superfood status, and they are perfect for our body for strengthening of the immune system and protection against many diseases.

That’s why nutritionists suggest almond milk as a perfect substitute for cow milk. It is easily made in the fridge can be kept for three to five days.Here you can find how can make homemade Almonds Milk.

Health Benefits

Almonds and almond milk , have positive implications for the brain and nervous system function, and is particularly recommended for children.

Beneficial effect on the heart because the monounsaturated fat from almonds is one of the healthiest.Protein and potassium that almonds contain is the reason why they are recommended for heart disease and regulation of cholesterol levels.

almonds milk

Regular consumption of almonds increase HDL – high density lipoproteins and reducing the level of LDL – low density lipoproteins. In this way, almonds affect regulation of cholesterol levels .

Also they are good in preventing sugar increased concentration of insulin in the blood after a meal, strengthen teeth and bones, and they are used as an important ingredient of cosmetic products for skin care.

Natural almond milk will help you lose weight by monounsaturated fats who provide the feeling of fullness and they can prevent overeating.

almonds milk

Almonds has probiotic properties which increase the level of good bacteria in the intestines and contribute to the proper functioning of the digestive system.

*However, like all foods, almonds have their drawbacks . They contain oxalates, so people who have kidney and gallbladder problems should avoid them.

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