Find out how Aluminum Foil Can Help to Treat Disease

April 29, 2015

Some of us use aluminum foil everyday for cooking. But did you know that you can use this to help with diseases?

Aluminum Foil Can Help to Treat Disease

It can be used to treat painful spots on the body that are located on the knees, back, shoulders, neck and more. Simply placing foil on the area for a bit will alleviate the pain. Jogger’s heel can be treated using aluminum foil, and salt deposits can also be treated.

To make the above method work, simply place a piece of foil where there is pain. Secure so it does not fall off, then leave on the spot for a while. This should be done every single day for ten to twelve days, then a break should be issued for a week or so before starting the treatment again.

Bio pathways will travel through the body, heading straight to the active point in the body. The bio pathway will then be reflected, and returned back to the median point. This will allow the pain to subside.
Scarring can also be reduced on the body by using aluminum foil. The above treatment can be used on scars. Colds can also treated using aluminum foil. Simply wrap five to seven layers of aluminum foil around the feet, making sure to place a layer of cotton between each layer.

Leave on the feet for one hour, then remove for two hours, then repeat again for three times total. Do this for seven days to help get rid of the cold. The aluminum foil will trap the heat into the feet, which can help to treat the cold.
Many have mixed emotions on whether aluminum foil will work or not to cure scars, colds and pain.
However, do not be a skeptic until you try it. It might just work for you.


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