Anti-cellulite diet (Easy Diet)

October 21, 2013

Anti-cellulite diet

Recommended Products:

Anti-cellulite diet

-Vegetables (preferably fresh or cooked)
-Fruit (fresh or fruit juices)
-Salads (seasoned with pure vegetable oil and vinegar or lemon juice)
-Vegetable juices (fresh)
-Eggs (boiled or fried in vegetable oil)
-Yogurt (you with additional fruit or muesli)
-Milk (skim)
-Meat, fish, (cooked or baked without fat and skin)
8-10 glasses of water per day (1.5 to 2 liters)
-Dried brewer’s yeast (two teaspoons in fruit juice 15 minutes after eating)

Sample menu for a week :

1. day
Breakfast : yogurt or sour milk , cow’s cheese , black bread
Snack : fruit or fresh juice
Lunch: greens and potato salad with grilled fish , black bread
Snack : Fruit or fresh juice
Dinner : cooked vegetables , meat , salad , pumpernickel
2nd day
Breakfast : milk , muesli
Snack : ice cream
Lunch: meat with cabbage , beets , black bread
Snack : white coffee
Dinner : cooked vegetables , meat , salad , pumpernickel
3rd day
Breakfast : juice of carrots , pumpernickel
Snack : sunflower seeds
Lunch: cauliflower , chicken , salad , pumpernickel
Snack : fruit or fruit juice
Dinner : yogurt , cow cheese , salad , pumpernickel

Anti-cellulite diet

4th day
Breakfast : milk , muesli
Snack : Donuts
Lunch: beef broth , carrots and boiled potatoes , salad , pumpernickel
Snack : vegetable juice
Dinner : black bread , margarine , jam , tea
5th day
Breakfast : milk , margarine , jam , black bread
Snack : Fruit
Lunch: peas , salad , pumpernickel
Snack : fruit juice or vegetable
Dinner : boiled vegetables , fish , salad , pumpernickel
6th day
Breakfast : juice from fruit or vegetables , roasted lebche , cow cheese
Snack : Fruit Salad
Lunch: soy steaks , spinach with potatoes , salad , pumpernickel
Snack : pancake
Dinner : cooked vegetables , meat , salad , pumpernickel
7th day
Breakfast : milk , cheese , black bread
Snack : salad of tomatoes or tomato juice
Lunch: Liver , mashed potatoes , salad
Snack : pancake
Dinner : cooked vegetables , meat , salad , pumpernickel

If you want some other advice about cellulite CHECK THIS!!!

never eat fast;
always eat at the same time, that’s the way your stomach works best;
You alone can do daily or weekly menus, of course with products that are recommended in this diet;
walk in nature
Avoid: sausage, salami, snacks, meat in brine, fatty and salty cheeses, fried foods, soft drinks, cream, frankfurters, ready-made soups, spices and spicy foods, lots of coffee.

Note: Before using any diet, it is best to consult with your doctor.

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