Autism-What do we know about that?

September 18, 2014

What is autism and how to treat it?

Autism is a brain disorder that affects the communication and overall the ability for an individual to connect with the environment.

The first symptoms of autism can be recognized in the childhood and they can vary when it comes to their intensity. In some children they appear as exceptional talent for some unusual areas of life while others have trouble communicating with the environment.

Autism-What do we know about that

Around 1% of all children are suffering from some form of autism. Another interesting fact is that boys are suffering 5 times more from girls.

The scientists still don’t know the exact cause of autism but they are definitely sure that genes play important role in the development of this disorder. Parents who already have a child suffering from autism have around 20% more chances to have another child suffering from this disorder.

Signs of autism

Before the child turns three parents should be very careful because this is the period when signs of autism usually occur and the treatment is easier.

Signs like avoidance of eye contact and physical contact, repetition of movements, repetition of words and phrases, inexplicably slow learning process. Anxiety over small things and changes are very common in children suffering from autism but keep in mind that these symptoms can occur in children who are not suffering from autism.

Diagnosing autism

Unfortunately, autism is usually diagnosed when the child starts going to the kindergarten or elementary school. The good news is that autism can be detected with brain scanning but this method doesn’t always provide results.

By performing regular examinations, the doctor will see how your baby reacts to your voice or smile. Any reaction is good. If the child has speech problems you should visit an expert. Not all children start talking at the same time but children suffering from autism start speaking significantly later.

Social skills problems are another sign of autism and children suffering from this disorder often avoid any type of contact even with persons they know. It is good to point out that there is no universal test that can help diagnose autism with absolute certainty. But experts in this field can help you if you have any suspicions. It is very important to react before the child turns 3.

Treating Autism

There are a lot of methods that can help children suffering from autism. In the recent years, many people are getting aware of the benefits that algae bring. Algae are one of the best sources of natural minerals that you can include in your diet and the diet of your child.

One of the most popular algae in the process of treating autism through proper diet is CHLORELLA. Chlorella detoxifies the body and helps cleanse the body of heavy metals (aluminum, mercury), dioxin and other substances similar to hormones that disturb the child’s metabolism. It also stimulates the growth of microflora, reduces the pH acidity and improves immunity.

Digestive disorders are common in children who suffer from autism and chlorella can help eliminating these disorders. Chlorella can be found in stores selling healthy food and pharmacies.


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