Tip to Avoid Ignrow Toenail Free of Surgery

December 14, 2015

It is important to know that ingrown toenail is some chronic diseases and characterized by its growth in both sides of nail under the skin or in the location where its soft-part of thumb is located. There are many reason and explanation about ingrown toenail development.

Tip to Avoid Ignrow Toenail Free of Surgery

The good news is there is a lot of surgical method and conventional method to remove this health problem. In addition, for people who want to avoid any uncomfortable and expensive treatment from healthcare facilities could solve this health problem at their home. It is possible just only at early phase when there is no sign of ingrown complication

How to avoid ingrown toenail free of surgery:

When the nail is growing look like they are supposed to, it didn’t affect skin under toe and this type of home remedy can help people achieve. Here are some tips to avoid ingrown toenail free of surgery:

–  First, people need to create both skin and nail look softer and must prepare hot bath.

–  Pour 3 tbsp of baking soda in about 5 liters of water and you also can add some salt. The temperature of water must be not exceeding for thirty seven degree Celsius. Once the bath was finished, you can remove ingrown nail.

–  Use stick plaster and apply in the location where you get noticed ingrown toenail. It is ease process and toenail will become accessible.

–  Put small amount of cotton between skin and nail by using tweezers to slightly raise nail. It is recommended to use iodine anti bacterial cream on cotton before placing on the affected location

–  Wait for one day before change cotton and wrapper. It is advisable to perform this way for fifteen days and should get back normal after fifteen days.

–  In some case, you might find and feel difficult to put cotton on affected area, use mixture between honey and garlic one tbsp of raw honey and 1 grind ed clove garlic pr aloe vera on the affected spot. This anti bacterial cream have strong anti-septic property. It is crucial to understand and knoe all important part in this article about softening skin and changing cotton by using this procedure on regular basis. Scrape outer part of nail when you were finished with this method.

Remember, it is important to perform pedicure on regular basis. If you notice any infection on your nail, it is time to contact and visit your doctor immediately.

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