10 Reasons For Banning Handheld Devices For KIDS

February 5, 2015

Reasons For Banning Handheld Devices For KIDS

Many of the pediatrics around the world are raising their voice,and calling for a ban of handheld electronic gadgets and devices for young kids under the age of twelve. Some of the reasons they state for the ban is the delayed negative cognitive development, impulsivity, attention disorder, decreased concentration, aggression, etc.
Handheld Devices
They believe that infants up until age of two should not have any contact with electronic devices at all, while the older kids should be restricted to maximum two hours per day.
The usage of electronic devices such as tablets, smartphones and games have escalated in the recent years and many young kids started to use them. Some pediatrics have done researches that show that these devices can harm the children in many ways and should be completely banned.
Here are some reasons for banning the electronic handheld devices for young children:
Sleep Deprivation.
Two thirds of the children are using devices in their bedrooms and are not controlled by their parents. This leads to less sleep, which eventually leads to loss of concentration and lower grades at school.
Playing video games and watching TV for many hours is directly correlated with the increased obesity amongst the kids. In USA one kid in every three children is obese and has problems with their weight. Obese children can have many problems in life, as obesity can lead into diabetes and the risk of heart attack at young age is also increased.
The media is filled with all kinds of inappropriate violence, so the kids exposed to it can develop aggressive manners.
If the parents do not get close to their kids and pay attention to them, the kids will attach more to the all types of devices and technologies which are widely available to them. That can lead to serious addiction towards devices, as the children will seek to fill in the gap of their absent parents.
The flashing media with lots of content is slowing down kids attention and their memory and concentration will rapidly drop. If their concentration and memory drops, then they will have hard time learning new things at school.
Brain growth.
Children`s brains are developing constantly until the age of 21. By overexposing their brains to technology at early age, kids risk their brain to be negatively affected. They may experience cognitive delays, slow learning, and will not be able to self-regulate their behavior. That will lead for them to become more impulsive persons later on in life.
Slowed development.
Using technology and devices limits movement,which is very detrimental to children`s learning process and proper development.
Emission of radiation.
Cell phones and similar devices are known to radiate possible carcinogens.
Mental illness.
Excessive use to technology can lead to bipolar disorder, anxiety, psychosis and depression.
Education with technology is not sustainable. Reduction in technology usage among st children is a must in order for the kids to develop into healthy individuals.
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