Be worry of Wi-Fi!

January 22, 2016

Today, we are surrounded by Wi-Fi networks almost everywhere. The Wi-Fi is a sign of technological communication revolution. The Wi-Fi connects many devices without the presence of any cables. Wi-Fi gives a lot of advantages, but in other side gives what called a harmful situation to every person affected.

Be worry of Wi-Fi!

Wi-Fi kills us slowly

The Wi-Fi connects many mobile devices and the mobile devices use routers in order to get online. The routers issues electromagnetic waves called WLAN signals. The WLAN signals are considered to be dangerous. People often ignore the harmful side of WLAN signals because they don’t have enough knowledge about that.

A study conducted by The British Health Agency proved that most routers widely available on the world’s markets give a bad effect on plants and people’s growth.

Effects of Wi-Fi exposure:

– Frequently strong headaches
– Rooted fatigue
– Ear pain
– Low concentration
Sleep problems

We already know that technological development is needed and not be able to be avoided entirely. However, we can do some steps to minimize the bad effects of technological development.

We can do the following steps to minimize the bad effects of Wi-Fi:

– Turn off Wi-Fi when you don’t use it

– Disconnect the home-based Wi-Fi network before sleeping

– Don’t place any router in the bedroom

– Try replacing your wireless phones with the cable ones

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