Beans are Ideal for Your Health

November 4, 2015

In principle we know two types of beans: young and dry. The young bean is available only a few months in the year, while dry can purchase at any time. Bean is, possibly, most famous cruciferous vegetables that developed in a number of different forms, and there are also the same so many ways that can be prepared for consumption.

Beans are Ideal for Your Health

Beans has exceptional energy value, and go and contains almost all the essential amino acids. In addition, contains lecithin, but also minerals as potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc and sodium. Represents an excellent source of protein, and unlike other sources of protein, Beans has very little fat, contains no fatty acids, nor does cholesterol.

Beans are rich in fiber that lowers the cholesterol and accelerates the digestion process. Combined with healthy diet it can be very beneficial.

Beans are gradually digested, so you feel full for long time after the meal. This means that you will not intake additional unnecessary, therefore beans help you lose weight.

It’s pretty low in calories and has high nutritive value. One cup of cooked beans contains 200 to 250 calories.

Beans are rich in proteins and are great source of quality proteins. Due to such composition, beans are very nutritive and will give you a lot of energy.

Beans are perfect substitution for meat. Beans are preferred by vegetarians, but also by the “meat eaters” who have a problem with bloating and lethargy usually caused by meat.

It is good for blood sugar stabilization so if you suffer from diabetes or hypoglycemia, you certainly need to eat more of this super food which is excellent for blood sugar balance.

It is a great source of energy. Beans contain good balance  of carbohydrates and proteins in its composition.

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