October 5, 2013

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Beer yeast for Cholesterol, Beauty, Stress …..

Beer yeast is full of Vitamin B , regulates cholesterol and it has many uses in health and beauty.
Beer yeast is a living oranism which converts sugar intoe thyl alcohol and carbon dioxide.And it gives beer special scent and taste so its not unnusual to us that everywhere in the world big brand beermakers multiply the yeast themselves that their beer gives recognizable properties.
It is also known that beer yeast among other things has medicinal properties.
Through the process of raw beer yeast we get dry beer yeast.
It holds a treasure of nutrients such as carbohydrates,minerals ,aminoacids and vitamins.


Yeast contains three important elements:
Selenium, which slows down the aging process;
Chrome, which is used to prevent diabetes and heart attack;
Glutamine , which improves the elimination of harmful substances from the body.
Due to large number of minerals and Oligo Elements , beer yeast an excellent addition to natural foods. The minerals found in yeast help against stress, osteoporosis, anemia and other diseases.
Beer yeast mainly contains complex sugars and is suitable for use in diabetes diseases and disorders.Yeast is excellent in regulating cholesterol, it is a natural antibiotic that controls bacterias that could be harmful to the human body.
Yeast is used in the service of beauty, especially the beauty of the skin. Helps against acne, inflammation and infection of the skin. Strengthens teeth, nails and hair.

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