Potential health benefits of lavender

November 25, 2014

Potential health benefits of lavender

Modern medicine has indeed gone far. There are millions upon millions of lives that are saved each day with the miracle of modern medicine. Formerly deadly diseases have been eradicated forever by the medical breakthroughs of the good scientists and doctors. And we should be extremely grateful for that, for we live in a world that offers us nearly supreme health for the rest of our lives.

lavenderBut notice that I’ve used the phrase NEARLY supreme… all is not perfect. Modern medicine can’t solve all our issues with our health, and this is why we should sometimes turn to the only “being” in existence that has the answer we seek – nature.

There are many natural herbs that have given us health when some of us were ill. This is no secret, and it’s not a lie either. Many of us can vouch for the truth in that claim. One of the most potent natural remedies is the flowering plant commonly known as Lavender. It’s a beautiful plant to see, and it can be extremely potent in making our health better. Without further ado, here are some of the potential health benefits that you’ll stand to experience with the use of lavender:

1. Fight against dandruff.

We’ll start with the cosmetic issues. Dandruff has been known to cause problems for many people that value how they look. Which is not to say that it’s a completely benign condition – sometimes there’s an underlying disease that’s causing it. Lavender oil has been shown to be effective against it. Just mix some lavender oil with almond oil, and massage your scalp with it. There’s nothing to lose as there are no known adverse effects from this concoction, and you should try it out if you have dandruff issues.

2. Fight stomach ache.

Sometimes we feel that our stomachs could burst. Many of these times this is a normal condition, and perhaps is caused by a momentary overeating. But sometimes it can be the symbol of bacterial overgrowth. It’s only natural to have bacteria in your belly, and many of them are healthy for you. But some are bad, and their growth needs to be stunted if your best interest is your health. The polyphenols in lavender help remedy this issue by fighting off the “bad” bacteria in your gut, and it will help in the creation of balance within your organism.

3. It improves wound healing.

There have been studies done on rats that show that their wounds heal a lot faster if they are treated with lavender and its extracts. The rats’ organisms are incredibly similar to humans’, and this finding may very well translate into our lives. If you have a persistent wound, that’s unwilling to heal, then you should try to treat it with lavender, and see if it helps.

This concludes this short list on the potential benefits of using lavender. Needless to say, this list is far from exhaustive – there are many other validated and anecdotal benefits that you can experience from its use. The only thing left for you to do is to try it out for yourself, and see its effects.





shreyas24 - November 28, 2014

The article has given well information about the usage of Lavender Oil. I do think that it definitely helps to control hair loss because hair fall can be caused by Dandruff. Dandruff is the one of the big issue in both men & women. Due to lack hair care and its proper protection most of the persons face hair loss difficulties across the globe. Thanks for sharing your views!

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